Internet Search Funnies

Kid you not, within the last week, the following search terms were entered into Google and landed on my website or this blog. My response to each item follows the *.

How to wear down boots
* wear them.

Do you have to wear boots with Wranglers?
* no, you can wear other kinds of jeans, pants, or even leather.

What kind of boots do the motorcycle cops wear?
* motorcycle patrol boots are most common.

What kind of boots should men wear?
* men’s boots. Women’s boots don’t quite have the same fit.

How do you pull on pull-on boots?
* by pulling with your hands.

How to pull off cowboy boots?
* if pulling with your hands doesn’t work, try using a boot jack available at most western stores or on-line.

Why do bikers wear biker boots?
* because they’re smart enough to wear sturdy boots to protect their feet and legs when riding.

What to wear with cowboy boots?
* clothes work best. Going naked poses risk of arrest.

Why do cowboys wear boots?
* because horses wear shoes.

Cowboys outside of jeans
* well, usually cowboys are inside jeans, and look mighty fine!

Life is short: enjoy it in boots!

1 thought on “Internet Search Funnies

  1. You remind me of my Lit teacher who gave the following reply when a student asked if he "can" go to the toilet.

    * Of course you can; any one with the correct equipment can go to the toilet. But you may not.

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