Boots of the Week

I am trying to make a weekly post to demonstrate how boots in a large collection are worn. Following are how, when, where, and why I wore 15 pairs of boots during this past week:

Sunday, Easter

My spouse is sick; he could not go out or help me with chores that had to be done. So Sunday was a full-on work day.

But before starting on the chores, I pulled on and tied up my Chippewa hikers and took a 5-mile walk with my senior buddy walking pal. Returned by dawn, then got to work.

Chipnonsteel19After preparing my spouse breakfast, I returned him to bed, then donned my mud-colored-covered Chippewa Engineer boots and finished working on replacing large patches of weeds with sod. Man, that was back-breaking work, but fortunately, got done.

By mid-morning, it was time for a break. I changed out of my dirty work clothes, pulled on a clean pair of jeans with my dark tan Lucchese cowboy boots, and went to a grocery store to buy certain items on sale, and some special things for my spouse that only this store seemed to have.

Came home, made lunch for both of us, then changed again to my dirty jeans and this time — my first and beat-up pair of Chippewa firefighters — and finally finished that lawn repair project.

By afternoon, I was shot. Stripped off my clothes, showered, and soaked in the hot tub. My spouse was able to sit next to the tub with me. He wasn’t well enough to get in.

Considering it was a holiday, I got dressed in nice slacks, dress shirt, and dressy black Lucchese goatskin cowboy boots, prepared a dinner of prime rib and all the trimmings, and enjoyed the company of my spouse in our formal dining room.

After cleaning up from dinner, I snuggled with my spouse for a while to watch mind-drivel TV, then went to bed early.


Lucblue15To work at work-work! Much too cold (below freezing) to ride my Harley. Navy blue dress slacks, blue shirt, blue tie, and blue/white/black Lucchese Classic cowboy boots.

Afternoon when I got home, I changed to jeans and Timberland work boots. Did some routine work in the yard, cleaning up.

Shucked off the boots, dirty clothes, took a shower, then prepared dinner in my stocking feet. Took care of my spouse then hit the sack by 2030.


Bouletblack07Work-work. Black boulet harness boots, black slacks, grey shirt, black/grey patterned tie. Rode the Harley to work. Froze my fanny off! Meetinged-to-death all day.

Home by 1530. Changed to jeans and brown Justin cowboy boots. Did some housecleaning, paid bills, and other chores. Prepared dinner. Relocated our vehicles into the garage, changed to sweats and just socks. Relaxed with the spouse for the rest of the evening, then to bed as usual by 2030.


Twcowboy03Work-work. Wore tan khakis and Tidewater Cowboy Boots, suitable for use while riding my Harley, my means of transportation. Tan shirt, no tie (no meetings.) Got lots done!

Ran errands on my way home, then did not change when I arrived. I prepared dinner, then changed. I wore only one pair of boots this day. My feet are wondering about my sanity, but those Tidewater cowboy boots are extremely comfortable.


Lucbcroper02Work-work again. Harley requires repair, so I drove my truck. Lucchese black cherry ostrich ropers, brown khakis, blue shirt, patterned blue/brown/tan tie. Meetings. Lots of meetings.

Home again. Changed to jeans and Justin work boots, and planted plants that my spouse could not plant by himself.

Chipostrichblack10Prepared dinner, then changed clothes again to a pair of dressy leather jeans, blue dress shirt, and black Chippewa ostrich harness boots and testified before our county council. Got home early, thank goodness. Assisted my spouse to bathe, then we were in bed by the usual 2030.


Lucrattlesnake15Catch-up Friday at work! Clean dark blue denim jeans, denim shirt, and Lucchese Classic rattlesnake cowboy boots. Yep, a bunch of guys in the office noticed and complimented the boots. They are stunning when offset with dark blue denim jeans.

Afternoon home from work — raining — off with the boots, on with sweats and socks — prepared 21st anniversary dinner for my spouse. We enjoyed a comfortable, cozy, snuggly evening, then off to bed early. (Again, just one pair of boots today! Oh my!)


Met my senior walking pal at 0500 for a 7-mile walk. Home by 0650. Yep, a brisk-paced walk in Chippewa hikers!

Went to my alma mater to staff an exhibit for my agency at a community-wide event. Kept the Chippewa hikers on — quite comfortable boots for long duration standing.

Olathebrown01Got home by 1400 in time for a tow truck to pick up my Harley. Yep, the problem with it is that bad. 🙁 No riding today. Pulled on brown Olathe buckaroo boots just because I like them. Hung out with the spouse for the rest of the day.

By nightfall, boots off, snugglies on, time to curl up with my spouse and call it a week.

Life is short: wear boots!

One thought on “Boots of the Week

  1. I like this weekly rundown of which boots you wore and how you wore them. It’s very instructive and does give some imaginative ideas of how others might make their own boot statement. In the years I’ve been following this blog, I’ve noticed other people wearing boots and how they do it. I credit their good taste to your very enlightened intuition.

    Good luck with your Harley repair. You without a Harley does seem as implausible as you without boots.

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