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Okay, I admit… leather is cool-looking, keeps a biker warm, and provides good protection if involved in a crash. However, traditional black leather is not that visible, especially in the dark.

Another rider who regularly reads this blog saw my post titled “see and be seen” (March 8, 2014), where I showed some new, bright halogen beams that my spouse bought for me and I had installed on my motorcycle. This rider wrote to me and asked, logically,

“If you’re all about safety – see and be seen – how do you explain wearing all that black leather?”

Ya know, he was right.

For several years now, I have been seeing more motorcycle gear made for regular riders (not racers) that have “hi vis” (high visibility) elements in their construction — bright color and reflective material. Built-in protective pads in the shoulders, elbows, and even a kidney belt.

Last night, I took advantage of a great sale as well as a $100 gift certificate and got myself a great “hi vis” jacket by Rev’It. One of the great features of the jacket is that you can remove the lining and wear it for warm-weather riding. It is vented and keeps you cool, while remaining highly visible.

So there you go, V, I’ve gone “hi vis.” How do you like it? [Note: Looking at this photo, I am convinced now that black leather jeans would look much better with this jacket than denim jeans. Switching!]HiVisLife is short: keep up with the times — see and be seen!

2 thoughts on “Hi Vis

  1. Your blog is very cool. I’ll be getting my second Harley and have been following you about boots. Thank you so much. Congrats on your marriage. I want a pair of Wesco boots. As a female I wear and having been in mens boots since my service days. Should I get the Wescos or go with a lighter boot? I’m in my 50’s.

    • Thank you, Ellie. Wesco is among very few motorcycle boot manufacturers that makes boots for women. Since you commented on my post about Wesco boots, then you have some insight to your question about whether your should get a pair. You have to decide for yourself. Some people don’t mind the weight, while others find the heavier weight of Wescos to be fatiguing. Ride safe!

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