Destressing After a Long Week

Man, this past week has felt like it has lasted more days than appear on the calendar. I don’t know about you, but do weeks where a holiday falls on a Monday seem to be longer than those without a holiday?

The week began with ongoing cleanup from a snowstorm, then back to work on Tuesday. Each afternoon when I arrived home…

…I was just beat.

I do not have a physically-demanding job. But I had many actions with tight deadlines all week. Further, my boss is going away all next week, so we had to coordinate what I may need to do for him while he is away, in addition to my own duties.

I worked a little longer-than-usual days, but nothing extraordinary.

At home, I continued to care for my spouse. His long-term illness continues to show its symptoms, and he requires a lot of attention. I love to do it, after all, caregiving is a second calling of mine. But calming his emotions while caring for his physical needs can add to my exhaustion.

By last night (Friday), I was dead tired. After preparing, eating, and cleaning up after dinner at 6pm, I suggested to my spouse, “let’s relax in the living room.” I put a disc into the piano so it would play by itself, then sat back, and snuggled with my spouse while we listened to delightful contemporary music. He held me in his arms. I drifted into never-never land.

That was the best way to destress after a long week.

I am re-energized. Today, Saturday, I will take care of my senior pals in the morning, then go RIDE MY HARLEY in 60-degree (15.5C) sunny weather this afternoon. (Ya see, S, that four-letter s-word doesn’t last long around here.) Riding my Harley is the second-most destressing activity I can do.

Life is short: let the stressors be gone!