Too Hot For Fun

Late September in Phoenix this week finds daytime high temperatures reaching 108°F (42°C). With only 13% relative humidity, when you step outside, you dry out and bake.

Last time I visited my best friend, AZ, here in Phoenix was in February. Back then, the daytime highs were much more tolerable, at about 85°F (29°C). I rented a Harley and we rode together to Sedona for a day trip.

During this visit, AZ had to work all day Saturday and some of Sunday since his office was moving. I could have rented a Harley and explored more of Arizona, but I really do not want to sit on an air-cooled engine producing heat from under me when the sun is beating down such heat from above. It’s just “too hot for fun.” Thus, I offered to do a number of home improvements for my buddy while remaining indoors and out of the sun, heat, and dryness.

I did take a nice break, though, to have lunch on Saturday with a former colleague who I worked with 20 years ago. It was great to catch up on each other’s lives.

While AZ or my other friend were driving me to various places, I saw a few bikers braving the heat. I was not surprised that almost all of them were in the same stage of unsafe undress: shorts, sneakers, t-shirt, and no helmet (there is no helmet law in Arizona). I know it is uncomfortable to ride a motorcycle in such heat and that is why those motorcycle operators wear light clothing like that and nothing on their head but perhaps a pair of sunglasses. However, personally, in my opinion, I would feel more uncomfortable if I were not wearing boots, long pants, and a helmet. Thus, if protective clothing made riding uncomfortable due to the heat, then I probably wouldn’t ride (or ride less often.) Again, this is my choice and my opinion.

I look forward to returning to cooler temperatures and more humidity. Funny, it is common to complain about the weather in the DC area, but I miss it. Gimme that cool, damp leather-weather and a warm snuggle in the arms of my man.

Life is short: appreciate what you have.