Boots At Work

I have been enjoying opportunities to break out and wear some of my newer cowboy boots to work in my new-old-new-but-old office. (It is hard to explain, but let’s say that over the past 25 years, I have worked in the same building for different employers but in about the same space. The old place and colleagues have not changed, but my boots have!)
Bootsoffice2First day back, I wore…

…subdued, non-attention-getting dress black Lucchese goatskin cowboy boots, with dark grey dress trousers, striped grey shirt, and … no tie. Bleccch… I hate ties.

Everyone who knows me welcomed me back, and I noticed many of them check out my boots. I have a reputation for always wearing boots — but as expected, no one said anything about the boots.
Bootsoffice1Second day back (yesterday), I wore my Black Jack cream/blue python cowboy boots with a pair of dress khakis, blue striped shirt, and no tie. (I am soooo glad that I do not have to wear noosy-neckties!)

Today, there is a dusting of snow on the ground. I am wearing lug-soled Chippewa Firefighter boots with a pair of clean (new) black denim jeans, dark blue shirt, and I was seriously thinking about wearing a tie — to attract attention “up” from the jeans — but then again, I have a reputation to protect. I also did not want to have to perform CPR on my officemates, who would faint (or worse) if they saw me wearing a necktie (sly smile).

On winter days like this, no one complains about wearing jeans. In fact, I expect all the guys at work to be similarly attired (except the always dapperly-overdressed gay guy down the hall, but that’s another story… we gay guys truly are “all types.” LOL!)

Life is short: wear boots to work in a professional office!

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  1. Congrats on your new job! I wish you all the best in your new/old position.

    You impress with your cowboy boots at work, particularly since I’ve I haven’t seen many guys successfully wear exotic skin cowboy boots as well as you do. Friday I left work and walked from my nice warm office building out onto snowy metro-Big Apple area streets and I noticed alot of guys wearing black leather cowboy boots in the snow. It seemed as if almost all the men were wearing them. The rest were wearing Timberlands or rubber pull-ups. Perhaps flip-flops have migrated south for the winter.

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