No Ads Here

I’m sure many of you have been unable to avoid noticing ads on websites, blogs, or even web-based software programs that you use routinely. In my opinion, some of the worst of this advertising push is foisted on YouTube. Some of the videos require viewing at least 10 seconds of an advertisement before you can skip it. Also, Facebook presents a huge number of ads (to those who do not block them with browser extensions like Adblocker). There are hundreds of additional examples.

The purpose of ads, of course, is to generate sales that come from visits to the sponsor’s website. Website and blog owners who host ads receive a share of revenue for allowing the ads on their websites. The more sophisticated the web becomes, the more “directed” the ads will be. Ever notice, for example, that if you visit a website for a boot retailer, that the boot store’s boots show up in ads that stream on other sites you visit, such as blogs? Or suddenly boot ads show up on Facebook? That, to me, is kinda spooky, but not unexpected.

So what is my position on ads on my boots and leather website or this blog or videos on my my YouTube channel?

No! Once again: NO! Like “n-o”.

Why such a strong “anti-ad” position? By now, almost everyone who uses the internet are accustomed to ads. They see them all the time and, to many of them, are “no big deal” and are as easy to ignore as commercials on television.

Or are they?

Rather than debate that point, let me restate my position and answer to the question about ads on my website. I will not create any form of an account on any web-based product or site that would require me to expose visitors to my website, this blog, or my YouTube videos to any ads. Ever.

Why? The purpose of my website, this blog, and my YouTube videos is to share my interests, which may be the same as the interests of my visitors. I did not create my internet presence for purposes of making money or to generate revenue. In fact, I spend money to host this site and blog. That’s fine–all hobbies have some cost associated with them. I make money the old-fashioned way: I work for it.

I have dropped relationships or accounts on some other popular web sharing resources because I would have to pay them to have a “no ads” feature. I won’t pay to block ads, but I won’t put them on my site, either. I will not link to blogs, for example, where I know that readers will be subjected to ads.

I do not know if my strong “anti-ad” stand is recognized by visitors to my website, blog, or YT Channel, but I hope that it is appreciated. I also hope that as the internet continues to change and grow that I can continue to prevent you from being exposed to ads on my own sites. So far, so good, but I have to admit, it’s not easy! I am bombarded with offers from the ever-nefarious Google (and others) to host ads everywhere.

That’s another reason why I migrated this blog to a WordPress-powered self-administered site, rather than on Blogger which is owned by Google. I was getting enough visitor traffic on my old blog site for Google to notice and keep pressing me to accept ads. Drove me nuts. Interestingly, I am receiving twice the daily visits on my new blog site than the old one, but do not receive promos for ad sponsorships on it. I hope it always stays that way.

Life is short: reduce internet clutter by not allowing ads on your website or blog.