Breaking in Dehners for a Cop

I have a close friend who is a local motorcop. His old patrol boots were a mess — dirty, damaged, and the soles were worn thin. He decided to get himself a new pair of motorboots. So what kind of boots did he buy?

His unit is allowed to wear any type of tall boots, as long as they are black. He considered dress instep boots, but reconsidered. He likes the classic styling of bal-laced boots. Those are boots with laces at the instep.

I suggested he get a pair of All American patrol boots, and he considered my recommendation. I explained that stock Dehner boots have a reputation of discoloring when exposed to heat, and cracking, since the boot shaft is synthetic, not leather. However, the Dehner company has heard this complaint, and they have said that they have adjusted the composition of the synthetic material to resist cracking and discoloration.

All of his fellow motormen wear Dehners, and he wasn’t going to buck the trend. I don’t know why he has to follow in his brethren’s bootsteps so closely, but that’s what he wanted.

He had a limited uniform allowance (that provides for new boots this year), and was shocked at the cost of a new pair of stock Bal-Laced Dehner Boots. He asked me if I knew of a source where he could buy his boots for the best price.

I recommended a boot store. He looked at the store’s website, and then called me.

“Can you buy boots for me?” he asked. “Why?” was my response.

“I’d rather you get them, and do me a favor — break them in for me?”

Hmmm… when a cop asks you to buy boots for him and also break them in, it leaves you wondering why. So I asked.

“I hate breaking in new boots. I hate every aspect of it — lacing them correctly, making sure the ankle bends right. I know you know what you’re doing. I’ve seen your Dehners. Will you do that for me?”

Of course… so I placed the order, and the boots arrived in a few weeks, sent directly from the factory. My friend saved about $40 from other retailers, and over $100 — even with the cop discount — from what the boots would cost if he bought them directly from the factory. His employer does not make purchases of boots for its officers, so he had to go on the open market himself.
At his request, I have been wearing these boots. I laced them as explained in my video, and trained the ankles (another video, here). I pulled them on with breeches and went for several rides on my Harley. I kneeled, stooped over, and walked in them. I think they’re comfortable enough and broken in appropriately. I’ll shine ’em up one last time, and give my friend the boots he paid for.
It was a pleasure to help my friend out this way. All in service to a man who provides outstanding service to my neighbors.

Life is short: help a cop when you can — especially when it comes to Dehner Boots!

2 thoughts on “Breaking in Dehners for a Cop

  1. Very nice service you provided to him! If you know of any local cops who need their boots worshipped and shined, let me know! I’m local (Columbia, MD), and a dedicated boot slave!

  2. All the motorcops I know are not interested in boots the way you describe. It’s not a fetish thing with them; boots are part of the uniform. That’s it. The fetish stuff (boot worship) is something they have rather strong opinions about (not in favor whatsoever). In all my years in hanging out with my friend and his friends, I never once have heard any of them talk about a boot shine. Sorry, I can’t help.

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