Oh Crap!

Pardon the interruption of this blog’s usual banter. The safety guy in me has been really, really, I mean, REALLY busy!

Holy crap! Days of sustained high winds and heavy rain are predicted to strike our state soon, with a strong cold front right behind it, which is predicted to drop FEET (meters) of snow west of us (Roland-watch out!)

Our home is prepared, as are the homes of dozens of my senior pals, as well as pantries stocked, batteries ready, trees trimmed, gutters cleaned, outdoor Halloween decorations removed, and much more. I’m tired, but ready!

If this blog “goes on hold” for a while, it’s because the storm caused a disruption of our power and/or internet. But don’t worry about us; we live on high ground and have no reason to venture out into the storm. We will be as safe as we can be, but this thing is frightening to those in my profession.

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  1. Good luck to us, one and all. Although I live in metro-New York, we too, are preparing for the worst. Let’s hope this storm goes off to the east and out into the Atlantic, never to return or be heard from again.

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