Wanted: Tall Brown Engineer Boots

It is interesting to me that after I posted about a new pair of White’s Nomad engineer boots that are 12 inches (30.5cm) tall and made of brown leather that I received last week, I received dozens of messages via this blog, my website, and the “boots on line” board expressing interest in tall engineer boots with brown leather. That is, lots of guys have asked me if I knew of a source of engineer boots that are 17 or 18 inches (43cm to 46cm) tall — made of brown, not black, leather.

There is great demand for engineer boots of that color and that height, but so far, Chippewa or similar moderately-priced commercial boot manufacturers do not offer them. The only way to “get” tall Chippewa engineer boots to appear brown has been to, ahem, do what’s shown here ====>

Yes, you can get the Wesco Boss (engineer) boots made of brown leather at various tall heights from 16 to 18 to 20 inches, or more (40.5cm to 51cm). But to get boots that color and that tall made by Wesco, you have to custom order them, and that ain’t cheap. Boots of that height made by Wesco would cost in the range of US$700 and higher — a princely sum that many ordinary boot-wearing guys cannot afford (or shall I say, they have to prioritize their spending on essentials of housing, food, and related living expenses).

Well, there is hope for the guy who wants tall brown engineer boots made of quality leather with good workmanship (not cheap junk from Pakistan, India, or China). I am working with a new bootmaker in Italy who is making boots just as described. A new pair of tall brown engineer boots are on their way to me. If they pass my personal inspection, I will cue you in on how to get them. The price for these boots is reasonable, and the quality sounds to me (from the Italian description) as if they will be very good. Soon enough, perhaps there will be a reasonably-priced source of tall engineer boots made of fine Italian leather in brown (as well as black, if you want them).

I have also communicated with someone from Justin Brands, the owner of Chippewa boots, about this matter. I have yet to receive a reply. I’ll keep you posted.

Life is short: realize your boot dreams.

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  1. Response to my email to Justin Brands about tall brown engineer boots. The following reply was sent on the morning of Oct. 10, 2012:

    “I appreciate the passion you have for our brand. It’s always wonderful to get feedback from loyal fans like you! I’ll pass your email long to make the brand aware of the need to have brown 17” trooper boots.”

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