Motorcycle Boot Guide

It is nice to have friends in the boot world. BootGuyOH and WescoBear did me a big favor and reviewed the latest tutorial that I wrote, a Guide to Motorcycle Boots. These guys are fellow booted bikers, and know their boots like I do. I give each of them a very warm and public “THANK YOU” for their help, which improved this Guide.

What inspired me to create this Guide? I was noticing that a number of people were entering keywords into internet search engines looking for “best motorcycle boots” or “motorcycle boot reviews” and things like that. Some would end up on my website. Then one guy a few weeks ago sent me a question about motorcycle boots and which ones were “best.” I gave him a rather long answer, then thought to myself, “that information should be retained on my website so I won’t have to repeat it again if someone else asks, and perhaps it would be helpful to others.” Thus, once more, was borne a “Guide.” I have a half-dozen of these types of Guides on my website now. I will wait a few weeks to see if search engines do a better job of directing people who have questions about motorcycle boots, their style, comfort, design, durability, and cost to my website.

Meanwhile, visit my Guide to Motorcycle Boots. I hope you find it helpful.