Boots and Silly California Prop 65

I was reading on another boot blog the other day that boots sold by any of the Justin Brands (Justin, Chippewa, Nocona, and Tony Lama) in California, USA, are coming with a label that advises that the state knows the boots contain chemicals that can cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

Oh jimminy crickets, this is so silly, at first it made me laugh, but then I remember seeing those signs all over California during my travels there. “This product contains chemicals that are known to the State of California that…” These signs are everywhere.

It’s a clear example of going way overboard with concerns about exposure, however remote, to chemicals that could cause harm.

So yeah, boots are made with trace chemicals that possibly could cause cancer — if you eat them! But not if you wear them. I guess, for the “boot fetishists,” I should point out that licking boots is not recommended, but I have always felt that way. Goodness knows what crap gets on boots from normal wear and that could be ingested by licking them. Yuck. Boots are meant to be worn, not eaten, licked, or otherwise … well, ‘nuf said. Wear ’em, don’t eat ’em.

But this whole thing about Justin Brands adding a label to their boots because “it is known to the State of California” that some chemicals that the boots may have on or in them may cause a health problem — that’s just nuts — and a demonstration of an over abundance of caution in fearing hefty fines levied by the State of California for not complying with that silly proposition.

Oh well, as my friends in California say, “it’s the land of fruits and nuts.”

Life is short: wear, but don’t eat, boots!

One thought on “Boots and Silly California Prop 65

  1. I saw the same label on a shadow box bought from Hobby Lobby. Can’t imagine why someone would lick or ingest that either!
    That must be one of those”feel good laws” I hear people talk about! I wouldn’t want to live somewhere, where a few could decide what I could own versus me deciding for myself by just living elsewhere in the USA! I had purchased a pair of Lucchese CaneBrake Rattlesnake boots online out of Hollywood CA and was amused how they were made in Texas, adorned with warning labels, shipped to California and hadn’t sold in the store to having been sold online and then shipped back to Texas!

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