Leather Weather

This time of year, I am enjoying cooler weather with cool and comfortably dry, non-humid days and evenings.

Being an “old-school” leather guy from way back, I am enjoying wearing my boots and leathers again.

For more than 40 years now, I have had a regular wardrobe of good quality leather garments. I like the appearance, comfort, durability, style, and (when it is cold), warmth. Also, leather is much easier to maintain by keeping it clean and conditioned at home. (Further, by wearing leather more often, then I have much less laundry to do!)

I do not go out much, but when I do, such as grocery shopping, one may see me …

… in full leather from boots to Muir Cap, comfy leather jeans, leather shirt, leather vest, and a new leather necktie. Even the mirrored aviator sunglasses — the full “look.” A couple days ago, I put on my leather blazer and enjoyed a full leather suit.


My response is “why not?” If you’ve got it, wear it!

Not just to annual gatherings of the Great Leather Clan. Heck, good quality leather is quite an investment and should be worn more often.

I have received some flattering messages (thank you!) from a few guys who have seen recent updates on my website and a few other platforms (BLUF and Recon.) BHD does not use Instagram, Tiktok, or other social media.

Most of these platforms work best or only work with a smartphone app. I remain probably the last man on the planet without a smartphone, deliberately.

Being retired, I have no need any more to be available on-call 24/7 like I used to when I was working. Also, I do not have children, so no need to send or receive text messages.

Old-school quiet, reserved, non-social Leathermen like me enjoy my peace without being tethered to the Internet.

That does not mean that I do not use the web. Clearly, to have a website as robust as mine, I have to have good Internet service. I just “do my thing” using my old-school desktop computer. Who would have thought? Yeah, it still works!

Back to the subject — Leather Weather is here! Get out there (or like me, stay home) and enjoy it!

P.S.: while I appreciate several requests either to restore old videos or to create new videos, I will not. Not too long ago, haters would post a link to one of my videos on a social media platform and ridicule me, make anti-gay homophobic statements, or just spew hate. Since I could not delete others’ posts, my only option was to delete the video being linked to.

As I said recently to one guy, “a few have ruined it for the rest.” Nope, no new videos from BHD will be created. I cherish my peace and do not want to feed the haters.

Life is short: Leather Up and just be yourself!

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