Musings of Autumn

I have not written very much for this blog, but it does not mean that I am laying on a hammock, sipping lemonade, and watching the leaves fall.

A few months ago, I added an email subscription widget. I am notified when a new subscriber is added to the list. However, some of the new subscribers may be “bots” that signed up for my email list. I am strongly thinking of removing …

… that sign-up widget and the list of email subscribers. I have no idea who they are, but now they number in the hundreds, none of whom I know or have exchanged email with me.

If you are a recent addition to this blog’s email subscription and do not want to be dropped, contact me here and ask to be retained. Also, please explain: 1) you are human, and 2) why you are interested in staying on the list.

You do not have to give your name or identifying information, but I am curious who these subscribers really are. I will retain your email on the list if the email address you use for the contact with me matches the email on the subscription list.

Otherwise, in about a week, poof! The list will be edited and unknown email addresses will be removed.

More musings…

As I am getting older, my physical condition makes it much harder for me to ride a motorcycle. Because of that as well as some personal reasons, I have decided with a heavy heart to hang up my helmet, sell my Harley, and look back fondly on 45 years of motorcycle riding.

Shall I change my screen name from “Booted Harleydude” to something else? Ideas are welcome.

However, that screen name is rather “baked in” all over the internet and on various platforms where I keep it to preserve it and protect it from abuse by pretenders.

Note: I still wear motorcycle boots because I like the style, safety, and they’re great in wet/cold weather. But tall boots do not fit me any more, so only shorter boots (harness and tactical) remain in my active rotation. Dehners anyone?

This musing came to me as I updated my website today and said,

I changed the website’s home page image rotation to reflect more closely what I wear these days: cowboy gear and boots; suits with boots and dress shoes; and leather. Yes, I still leather up, especially more often now that it is cooler in my area of the world, but not for riding a motorcycle; just for keeping warm and comfortable.

These days I keep very busy traveling to visit family and long-time friends and also volunteering a lot in the community where I live. I serve on several committees and Boards that keep my mind active.

Regarding travel: I do not travel to gay gatherings such as Folsom, Leather events, or similar. I have lost interest in those things a long time ago.

(This came up in a recent message exchange on Recon): I do not travel to meet people I do not know. I have tons of friends and — no offense — I am not interested in traveling to meet an on-line contact. Travels these days for me are to complete wanderlust adventures on my life-long list, as well as for summer and winter extended holidays in Canada and the Caribbean, respectively.

Also, I do not host visitors. Again — no offense — but I am really busy at home with my volunteer activities and do not have the time nor the interest to host anyone.

I am not interested in sex; I had the best. He died. That part of my life was great, but no more….

I do not like to sound like a downer. I am doing well, financially secure, enjoying life, and making it good for whatever my future holds as a single, retired, older man.

Life is short: understand who you are, where you have come from, and what you want to do.

One thought on “Musings of Autumn

  1. Keep up the dehners even though they may not fit or suit you the best these days. You are one of the first blogger that inspired me to wear the dehner boots out.

    I’m more of a tall boots guy- Dehners, Wesco and JM westons. Also growing into cowboy boots and tactical boots. Love hearing your stories.

    Just want to let you know your readers are still out, worldwide. Cheers from Australia

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