Riding in Full Leather

It is glorious Fall! Crisp, dry, sunny and pleasant days make for perfect motorcycle riding weather.

While I prefer to wear ballistic nylon motorcycle jackets, there are times when the “old guard” biker in me roars, “wear your leather!”

I will not argue with my Leatherman alter ego! Lately when riding for fun (not for commuting), I have worn…

… my Northbound Leather blue-striped leather jeans. These jeans are dual-purpose (motorcycle riding as well as BLUF/Leatherman wear) and are the most comfortable and quality leather jeans I have ever worn

Not to be outdone by the Northbound Jeans, I wore my Schott Perfecto 118 Leather Jacket. It is a comfortable, protective, and warm jacket perfect for when the temperatures are in the 50s (~13C). This is a typical, “old-school” biker’s jacket. I love it.

I gave my Southwest Station Boots their first full ride. They outperformed the Chippewa Firefighters I have boasted about both in comfort and in style.

I can also attest that they are waterproof (but don’t ask how I know this; close inspection will show some mud on the boot treads.)

Here I am: Not shown in the photo, but I also wore my thick, warm, long-sleeved leather shirt. This shirt is well broken-in and is soooooo comfortable.

Long gauntlet leather gloves kept my hands warm.

Life is short: Riding in full leather is awesome!

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      I am doing well, thank you. I wish you well.

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