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I am, like others, tired of staying home, though I love my house and the community in which I live. However, caution still is needed to avoid contracting Covid-19. I figure that I have been so very careful for so long, I am not going to abandon Covid safety measures, but I am beginning to venture out more often, and have three trips planned for 2022.

Where am I now and where will I go?

As of now, I am serving as a volunteer paramedic at a local non-profit health clinic where I serve two to three days each week. My service is as a “gentle vaccinator.”

I learned to be very gentle while treating my husband during his course of treatment for cancer at home between August and December, 2020. Treating him at home made it possible to avoid going out as much to doctor’s offices during the height of the spread of Covid-19, well before vaccines were available.

My husband was so fragile, I learned how to be very gentle so I would not cause him more pain. I extend that gentleness during my volunteer work at the clinic. I vaccinate the most timid, needlephobic, and afraid people — from pediatric clients (children) to adolescents (teenagers) to adults.

Not only do I administer vaccinations for Covid-19, I also administer whatever a doctor prescribes. That can include vaccinations for childhood illnesses such as mumps, measles, chicken pox, HPV, diphtheria, and more. For adolescents and adults, I administer vaccinations for tetanus, seasonal flu, and some treatable STDs.

Serving as a vaccinator gives me a sense of purpose and a way to honor my husband. I have been vaccinated myself four times — an important thing to do for my own safety and to lead by example.

But… I can’t do this forever. I need to get out and enjoy myself.

For most of July, I am returning to my favorite island, my beloved isla del encanto — Puerto Rico. I will stay at my friend’s home on the west coast and do as I did before — take care of her dog while she and her husband are away stateside. I will visit the beach where I scattered my husband’s ashes upon the Caribbean Sea and swim with him again. Who knows, I also may go parasailing, skydiving, hiking, and fishing con mi amigos.

For two weeks in August, I am going to the Maritime provinces of Canada — Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island. I have worked out a self-guided tour for my visit. My husband dreamed of going there, and while he will not be with me physically, he will be with me in spirit.

I intend to do a lot of nature and landscape photography of the stunning coast and interesting communities along the way. I will take a rafting trip on the tidal bore of the Bay of Fundy.

To maintain residency status in Canada, I must spent at least one week in country every year. This Maritimes trip will fulfill that. Buying a residence in Canada and moving there for a while is an option in case the United States “goes stupid” with the elections of 2024 as it did with the elections of 2016. Stand by for an update in a couple of years.

The third trip I have planned is to return to Hawaii. I am leading a meeting on Oahu for a week in early September. After a week of meetings, I will be “off duty” and intend to fly to the Big Island and stay another week on my own time. I may rent a Harley and ride with my friend with whom I rode before.

On return home — things are still fluid. While at this time I do not have more travel planned, while I am in Puerto Rico in July, I will be scoping out places to stay for the winter holidays. I loved staying there last December/January, and long to continue to return to my favorite island for years to come during winter holidays.

Winter holidays are not celebratory for me. Christmas 2020 was the last day my husband was in our house, then on 26 December, I had to bring him to the hospital for what became the last time. Then on New Year’s Eve 2020, I had to transport him to a hospice facility to die. That is while I do not “celebrate” these holidays any more. I can do without them.

Being mostly an introvert, my travel adventures are pretty much on my own. I will see friends while in these locations, but infrequently and when I do, usually one-on-one. I am not the “party animal” and avoid social events and parties.

Life is short: plan on!

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    • I have no plans to visit Europe. I have been to 16 countries of Europe, lived in Italy for a year, worked in Romania, Spain, Portugal, and Switzerland. Enjoyed my visits, travel, and work assignments. But since my husband died, I lost my wanderlust. I enjoyed exposing him to new sights and places. Now that he’s gone, my enthusiasm for travel alone is gone also.

      Since I am retired, I no longer have work as an “excuse” to travel (and pay for it!) However, I have accepted a consulting gig in Hawaii, so those who asked me to work with them are funding my travel there (at least for half of it.)

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