You Have to Change Boots Again?

Bless my partner. I love him, I really do, but there are times — even after being together for over 19 years — that he doesn’t get it.

Yesterday morning, I had to drive him to get an x-ray. No big deal; the medical imaging center is a mile away. I chose to wear a nice pair of gray ostrich cowboy boots for that trip. But that was only my first pair of boots for the day…

When we got home, my partner was insisting on planting a maple sapling that he has been nurturing. That sapling has been slowly growing for over two years, but for some reason, my partner got a bee in his bonnet that the sapling had to be planted as soon as we got home from the trip for the x-ray.

I explained that I have to get to work, but he was adamant that the tree get planted. Right now, with the thing in his arm that facilitates IV treatment for his tick-borne disease, he can’t do heavy work like use a shovel to dig a hole for the tree.

Sigh… I have learned not to try to fight it. When he gets so insistent on “it has to be done now, this minute!” — I can’t reason with him. So work has to wait.

But I can’t dig a hole in a muddy area with ostrich cowboy boots on. I said, “give me a minute to change to work boots.”

“Why? You’re always changing boots. Delaying things. The hole has to be dug now!,” he cries.

I don’t get it… it’s not like the sapling is going to die if its hole is dug five minutes from now.

Well, I changed my boots, dug the hole, and then looked at the soles. Man, am I glad I changed boots! Lots of mud! Would have ruined the cowboy boots, or I could have slipped with their smooth leather soles.

After the hole digging, my partner proceeded to plant his tree, water it, then used the hose to clean off the bottom of my work boots. I took them off outside to let them dry. When I entered our house, I went into my boot room in our basement and selected another pair of boots to wear for the day. Justin square-toed cowboy boots.

Partner looked at them and said, “third pair today?”

I rolled my eyes and replied, “for now… until I have to dig another hole or something.”

Life is short: wear the right boots for the right application, and love your partner despite his quirks.

One thought on “You Have to Change Boots Again?

  1. BHD written for you from Barcelona. You have a name think with me, in one day I’m changing the boots 4-5 times…….boots to work, boots to take my motorcycle and go to biker-bar, change again and put my cowboy boots to dance at honky town and finally arrived at home put my overalls and rubber boots and play in the garden.

    Take care BHD and best regards from Barcelona Spain.


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