Double Schott

Schott NYC (originally called Schott Bros.), a well-regarded long-time label of leatherwear for bikers, has been in business since 1913. Their original motorcycle jacket, called the Perfecto®, has been made since 1928.

It took me way too long to catch on. I had seen knock-offs of the highly stylized jacket, and back in the day…

…I owned a real one — a hand-me-down, given to me by an older cousin who has since passed away.

That old Schott Perfecto® jacket looked really cool, but was made for the “me” of my 20s-30s, not the “me” of today. I gave that old jacket to another cousin and forgot about it. I just checked with him. He handed it down to the next generation in our family. And so it goes.

I got a new, well-fitted Schott Perfecto® jacket a few years ago and love it. Warm, comfortable, and that aroma of genuine leather is intoxicating. I wear the jacket from time to time as I rotate the leathers and other jackets I wear when riding my Harley.

Then in April of this year, I had my eyes on a pair of Schott leather jeans. Unfortunately, by the time I realized that Schott made leather jeans, my size was sold out and through communication with the company, I was told that they would not be made any more due to slow sales and general lack of interest.

I then looked for them on eBay, which to me is a “last resort.” I found a pair priced 1/4 of what they cost new, and the claim was that these jeans were never worn. I bought them, and indeed was pleased to see that they were in great condition.

However, as stated in the eBay listing, the jeans were unhemmed. Man, were they long! The cowhide from which they are made is so thick that you can’t just roll it up under the legs to shorten it.

I took the jeans to a favorite luggage repair shop for hemming. $40 later, my new-to-me Schott leather jeans were ready. However, by then, it was late May and the heat of DC ‘burbs was in full force. I could not wear them; I would roast.

So there they sat — hanging in my closet; their tempting aroma asking each time I opened the closet door, “when will I get a chance to be worn on your bike?”

Recently, those jeans had that opportunity. Matched up with the Schott Perfecto® jacket, I took a ride on my Harley. Photo below is of me: Double Schott — jacket and jeans (and, of course, my Chippewa Firefighter Boots.)

Life is short: admire well-made motorcycle leathers and wear them with pride.

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  1. Dude, you look good in the photo. But you seem to be able to wear anything, particularly boot-wise. And it’s great to see you back in the saddle after your sad experience at the accident scene with the other rider who crashed. There’s the real-life demonstration of what success is: keep going at it again, and again and again. Happy riding, BHD!

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