Honeymooning in Canada

I am excited that The Spouse and I will be traveling together for a real vacation and long-delayed honeymoon. Finally, after TEN YEARS, Spouse will board an airline flight. Together, we’re off to…

… visit the most friendly and warm neighbours to our North, in Toronto, Canada.

Back in February when I heard that the Bloviator-in-Chief wanted to politicize our nation’s Independence Day (July 4) celebration in Washington DC by changing it dramatically, have a wasteful military parade and give a speech, I turned to The Spouse and said, “let’s blow this town on the 4th of July; I will not be counted as part of the Orange Thing’s Rally!” — our plan to visit Canada was born.

I have had the fortunate experience of visiting each and every province and territory of Canada in my previous life. I was presented an “Honourary Canada Nice Neighbour” award in 2001 by the Prime Minister.

Spouse joined me on some of those visits, including one to Toronto in 2002. Being a “tram-aficionado,” Spouse suggested that we return to Toronto for our return to this great nation since Toronto has such an extensive tram system.

For several months now, we have been preparing. Spouse got his passport renewed and got cleared for TSA pre-check. We have made lots of plans, but not “overplan” so we have lots of free time to … just … visit. Be tourists. Ride trams. Enjoy the food. Visit friends. See a professional baseball game. Have fun with the friendly locals during their national holiday (Canada Day, 1 July) celebrating their country’s unification of three colonies into one dominion.

Woo-hoo! I can’t wait!

More on the blog if I have time. But my focus all next week will be on the man who means the world to me and spending quality time with him, enjoying each other and celebrating our love and commitment, and enjoying once again the sights, sounds, and people of our friendly neighbours to the North.

Life is short: show those you love how you love them!

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  1. Enjoy yourselves and have fun BHD. Inquiring minds want to know what boots will make this trip with you. What will be the footwear of you and Biker Beef? High Browns maybe? Waive as you fly over!

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