Wesco Boots — Differences Between Harness and Engineer Styles?

I received the following inquiry about Wesco boots, requesting to know if there is any difference between the harness or engineer style of Wesco boots. I thought this was interesting, so I posted the question and my answer here.

You have informative videos regarding boots. There are two things I don’t skimp on; firearms and footwear. I am new to the sport of motorcycling and decided on Wesco boots and so I am wondering for riding comfort, would you recommend the engineer or harness? For the costs, I would like to know if there are any differences or not.

My reply?

Thank you for your message and compliments on the videos. I think you made a good decision to buy Wesco boots to wear while riding your new-to-you motorcycle.

There is no difference in comfort between Wesco harness boots and the engineer style they label “Wesco Boss.” What makes the difference in comfort is the fit. Wesco boots run true-to-size, but if you get taller boots — 16 inches or higher, then getting them custom measured to your calf size is important. For me, that’s where the comfort situation comes in.

But if you are looking at boots that are 12 inches high or thereabouts, then calf circumference is not usually an issue. The foot size for both engineer style and harness style is the same. It’s really a matter of personal preference.

As an experienced motorcyclist, let me share an observation about Wesco boots and motorcycles, as well.

If you are riding a standard cruiser or touring bike — that is, a bike where you sit up rather than hunch over such as on a crotch rocket or sport bike — then Wesco boots should work fine because the shifter peg on those types of bikes has enough room to accommodate the large toe box found on Wesco boots (harness or engineer).

If your bike has a small displacement (engine size <750cc or so) OR is a sport model where the operator is positioned in a forward-leaning position, then you may find the shifter difficult to operate with large-toed boots. The toe boxes on Wesco boots is larger than other motorcycle boots, such as those made by Chippewa. You may find it difficult to fit your toe under the shifter to shift up to first gear. This happened to me when I rode a buddy’s 650cc bike while wearing a pair of Wesco Boss (engineer) boots. I struggled to get the bike into first gear, because there was not enough room to get the toe of my boot under the shift peg to lift it. Something to think about. Good luck, ride safe.

Life is short: remember to repeat after me–boots are for motorcycles, sneakers are for the gym, and flip-flops are for the trash.

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