Wilcox Boots Review II

Back in January, I bought a pair of Wilcox boots and gave an initial review. Contrary to social media claims, these are not the “coolest boots” ever.

After wearing them now for more than four months and having the opportunity take photos and post them on the website

…I have concluded that:

  • These boots are more like work boots than motorcycle boots, because the half-lug soles are thin and cheap.
  • they are really short at 5 inches (12.7cm). Real motorcycle boots come above the ankle, and are at least 9 inches (23cm) high, if not taller.
  • The boots do not have any toe protection (other than a cardboard form) — no steel toe or even composite toe.
  • The boots have very hard and somewhat inflexible soles, which makes them uncomfortable to wear for more than a few hours.
  • Even though they are made in Mexico, the boot construction seems to be lacking. I already have loose threads both inside and outside the boot.
  • Did I say that these boots feel like they are hard as a rock? Man oh man, are they uncomfortable.

Sorry, while I commend millennials for getting into boot production, these boots are on the low-end of the scale. Good for a cheap pair of boots, but not good for average regular wear.

Life is short: know your boots and wear good ones daily!