Secure Site Upgrades Coming

Blogging and maintaining my website have been hobbies, the former since January 2008, and the latter since April 2005. I am not a web-development geek by any means and struggle to keep up with changes to technology that develops much more rapidly than I am able to ingest and apply.

However, over and over again, I keep seeing information about search engines not ranking sites with the hold “http://” URLs as high as sites that employ the …

… “https://” more secure protocol.

I keep seeing items like this in my news feed:

Did you know that since October 2017, Google is flagging all sites as not secure if they have log in or other input sections on HTTP basis? Well, it’s true. It all began back in 2014, when Google acknowledged the fact that it rewards HTTPS sites over HTTP sites with higher rankings.

There are other reasons for doing that, as well.

So come this very rainy weekend where it will be unsuitable to ride my Harley, I intend to spend time (and a little $) to upgrade both and to the https:// more secure protocol.

If all goes well, it should be transparent to you. I just hope that I do not have to fix all links in this 10-year-old blog that link back to my legacy website. Man, THAT would be more than an headache and time-suck to have to do.

Web geeks I know have told me that fixing links to add the “s” after “http://” will not be necessary. However, I will run checks to make sure that is true.

I also want to give a shout out to a loyal blog reader from Portland, Oregon, who was the only one to point out recently that I had outdated recaptcha on my contact page. I was able to update that code easily one evening this week. Thanks, man!

Life is short: keep up with technology, even if you still have a clamshell cell phone w/o texting capability.