Culling the Herd

Loyal readers of this blog and my website visitors know that I own a large collection of boots. Cowboy boots, motorcycle boots, work boots, dress boots. Lots of boots.

I have stated frequently in the past that I wear (most of) my boots. No use in having such a large collection without actually wearing them, eh?

Well… things are changing. I had a look around this past weekend, and realized that…

…I am wearing “only” about 30 pairs of boots out of about 250 pairs that I own. I look down at my feet at the office, while on the Harley, and at home whilst doing chores, and realize that the same pairs of boots are being worn on a regular basis.

The boots that I am choosing are selected for their comfort (mostly), as well as their function. I have long said that one should wear the right boots for the right occasion — dressy cowboy boots for the office, boots with good tread and durability while riding my Harley, and boots that can take the gaff while doing repairs and yard work. However, the days of me physically doing major construction and home remodeling jobs are behind me. (I serve as a General Contractor for those jobs now.)

I have also said in the past that I have kept my Frye boots out of nostalgia and fond memories. But I cannot wear those boots and haven’t for a long time.

Further, I have said that my days of wearing Wesco boots are long since past. Those boots are too big and too heavy for me to enjoy any more. I have aged out of Wescos.

So I need to “cull the herd.” However, I do not have time. Simply stated, I barely have 5 minutes before I am absorbed in more caregiving for The Spouse who is continually in need of attention. I still volunteer too much in my community, so I am running to this-and-that meeting or escorting sr. pals to the grocery store. I work more than a full-time job, which keeps me busy from 0500 to 1630 five days a week. Add to that 3-day weekends driving to Pittsburgh, caring for the mother-in-law, and driving back — about an average of every six weeks.

When I do have some “spare time,” that is dedicated to my own personal well-being: trying to exercise (walking or swimming) and getting “wind-therapy” on my Harley (frequently these days, by myself, since my local motorcycle club has imploded.)

I am looking for advice on how to “cull the herd” when these factors are in play:

  • The Spouse absolutely positively will NOT have strangers come to the house — so a third-party “helper” is out of the question.
  • I don’t have time (or interest) to pack up boxes of boots and ship them off somewhere.
  • Most of my boots are so well-worn (not worn out, but let’s say “well used”) that they have little or no value on resale.
  • I have no time whatsoever to take photos, post them, and manage eBay (or other types of) auctions.
  • I don’t need income, but I don’t want to give away boots that do have some value.
  • I get really annoyed by people who write to ask me to send them boots because they can’t afford them. If I give boots away, I do that for a reasonable cause, like a well-regarded charity.

Other than packing the no-longer-worn boots in boxes and shipping them off to my friend WC (whose wife would strangle him if he took in so many boot orphans all at once), what ideas are out there that I have not thought of to cull my herd of no-longer-worn boots given the constraints listed above?

Life is short: realize when it is necessary to cull the herd.

2 thoughts on “Culling the Herd

  1. I’m not an eBay commando but it appears to be fairly easily done. You may be able to find someone in your area to help set things, run the sales for you, handle packing and shipping and all the rest. You have many great photos of your collection already, and that person could use those photos. They’d likely want a percentage, but it’s better than simply giving them away.

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