Boots on Travel

Hi, blog readers. My boots and I will be on our feet quite a bit during the next week while I am working to execute my…

…largest annual task — orchestrating ten back-to-back and simultaneous meetings, and facilitating (leading, speaking at, and managing) most of them.

Considering my desire to be comfortable while working long hours and running so many meetings, I declared that the attire for the week among the 100-some attendees to be casual. Not “business casual,” but casual.

We will see how that works. But no worries, I’ll be there in my boots and jeans, setting the example of comfort.

Meanwhile, Saturday will find me doing all sorts of last-minute preparations to take care of the spouse and make meals for him to eat while I am gone. Then I fly to the other side of my country on Sunday, work all week, and fly back late Friday night.

I am uncertain if I will have time to breathe, much less blog. Check back.

Life is short: love your job and command the stage.

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    • No. And I am so busy running meetings and having after-meeting meetings over meals, I have no personal time to visit with anyone. Sorry.

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