Life Is Too Short For Boring Footwear

This is a guest post written by my friend WC

Have you ever looked at a woman’s shoes? Take a look at women on the street, in the coffee shop, at the mall, at work. Go online and browse at women’s interesting shoes for a minute or two (when nobody’s looking or they will start to wonder). Notice how many different colors, shapes, styles, heel heights. Mules, pumps, tall boots, short boots, sandals. Every conceivable color. Sigh. All the choices.

Now do the same for men’s footwear….

…Look at the feet of the next 25 men you meet. Oh look. A pair of brown dr#ss sh#@s (“dress shoes” is a curse word in my book). Oh look. Black dress shoes. Wow. Flip flops. Next: crocs. Oh. Sneakers – at least there are more colors in men’s sneakers than in “regular” shoes. Sigh. It’s like the old commercial for a fast food restaurant that featured a Russian fashion show. “Is next. Swimwear.” “Is next. Evening wear.” “Is next. Day wear.” And the model is wearing the same outfit all the time! Such is the world of men’s footwear. Boring. Same. Clone-like.

Get a grip, guys. Life is too freaking short to be a clone and wear boring footwear. Every.Single.Day.

Now take a minute and browse a website for a boot company, or go on ebay and type in “men’s cowboy boots.” What to your wondering eyes should appear but INTERESTING stuff for your feet. Colors galore. Different heel heights. Inlays. Overlays. Wow. If you are on this webpage and reading this blog, chances are you are at least interested in boots. If you aren’t wearing them already, why not? What is stopping you? Are you going to live or what?

I can hear you now. We don’t wear boots in my part of the country. SO? I live in Western NY state. Very few men wear boots here, except for loggers/packers for work if they are construction workers or beat up sh*t kickers if they are farmers. Even bikers wear ho-hum boots (or worse, sneakers). I am a rarity where I live. Yet I wear cowboy boots every single day. Wait, I lied. My good friend BHD has starting getting me interesting in harness boots, so I will wear those sometimes too. What I’m getting at here is: yes, it is OK for you to wear boots if no one else is.

What about the negative comments? You won’t get any. Really. Mostly you will get a look at your feet from other guys. My two male bosses are always slyly checking out my boots every time I see them. I’ve even told my big boss that I’m going to get him a pair when I find something conservative in his size.

This brings me to another thought: your boots don’t HAVE to be in loud colors with high heels. Get a simple pair of black ropers with round heels. They can be your secret. No one will even know that you are wearing boots except you. If you want, get yourself a “louder” pair for wearing at home in your living room. Or get yourself a pair of boots with black vamps (the visible part) and wild crazy shafts (the leg part). No one has to know except you.

As to the cost: you do NOT have to buy every single pair of boots brand stinking new. Ebay is a great resource for used boots. Just don’t get caught in a bidding war and make sure the soles are in good condition. Hotboots always has a nice selection (ha ha) hot boots for sale. You may even find a boot buddy or two or three who is/are willing to swap boots or sell their cast-offs/don’t fits to you. One of my boot buddies has clothed my feet in fabulous boots that are far above the quality that I could afford on my meager salary. also has a really good selection and they work on a “buy it now” basis. No bidding.

Ask yourself: do I REALLY want to be a clone? Do I want to wear boots, even if it isn’t every day? Aren’t you worth better footwear that doesn’t look like everyone else’s?

So be booted, and remember, life is too short for boring footwear!

Note from BHD: I am delighted with my friend WC’s turn-around regarding boots. A few years ago he stumbled onto my blog, began communicating with me, and we have built a solid, lasting friendship. Best yet, when we first “met”, he admitted that he wore dr#ss sh#@s and not boots… yet. These past few years, he has chosen to wear boots every day, donating (most of) his dr#ss sh#@s to Goodwill. Two pair he can’t part with are good dust-collectors in his attic. Yay!

2 thoughts on “Life Is Too Short For Boring Footwear

  1. This is a good blog. I live in Southeastern Michigan and I don’t see too many men wearing boots around here, so I’m one of the few men who wears them regularly. Now that it’s Fall, I’m back to wearing them regularly again. I believe that just because others aren’t doing it doesn’t mean that you can’t do it unless it’s against the law.

  2. Thanks for your kind words, Jerome. Yes, be yourself. Don’t be a clone. I’m glad the weather is cooler now. I’m a lost puppy when it is 95 degrees out in summer and hard to handle wearing boots. Too hot… 🙁

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