How Do Gay Guys Wear Their Boots?

You can verify it for yourself — someone from Houston, Texas, used his Android to search, “how do gay guys wear their boots?


I guess his smart phone is smarter than he is, because it directed him to two entries on this blog. The searcher spent almost 20 minutes on this blog, looking at only two posts (here and here). Hmmmm…

But these were not the posts that address the question, in my opinion. This one or this one would have been better.

Anyway, back to the question: How do gay guys wear their boots?

…on their feet like anyone else.

Sheesh. There are two ways one can look at this question:

1. A guy who is gay and on the “bubble,” that is, he’s not ready to come out yet, so he is wondering if how he wears boots may give away his sexual orientation. That’s bullshit — all guys wear boots the same way. Boot-wearing has nothing to do with sexual orientation. Contrary to stereotypes, gay men who wear boots do not prance around on their tip-toes.

2. The question was entered by another homophobe who in some idiotic way thinks that gay guys wear boots differently from anyone else. I shall refrain from making remarks about the origin of the query or the intelligence (or lack thereof) of the person asking such a question if it were asked with this intent. If he thinks for a moment that gay guys wear boots differently from anyone else, he has been indoctrinated too long by the culture in which he has been exposed all his life. So sad.

Life is short: give benefit of the doubt, but do not suffer fools; if they are old enough to have an Android phone and pay for it’s monthly ransom, they are old enough to be better educated.