Boots of the Past Week

As requested, I will (try to) resume posting a summary of the boots that I wore during the past week.

Having a large collection of cowboy, dress, motorcycle, and work boots which I wear every day, I choose from a large variety of styles, colors, and designs.

This is a short chronicle of the boots on my feet since last Friday night…

Friday (night), 10 March

The usual gathering of my family for our Friday Family Dinner. Due to many of us being quite busy, there were only 31 gathered tonight for our meal, hosted at a niece’s home. We enjoyed comfort food and wrassling with the kiddos (“the greats.”) I wore leather jeans with American Rebel harness boots. Uncomfortable and generally crappy boots; no wonder I don’t wear them often. Glad to get home early and snuggle with my spouse before heading to bed quite late at 2100.

Saturday, 11 March

Morning: Black Chippewa loggers while working on a construction site. I am wiring a new house that a friend is building.

Afternoon: comfy old Justin cowboy boots with jeans while taking some LOLITS grocery shopping and running some errands.

Evening: scuzzy socks snuggle night with the spouse.

Sunday, 12 March

Traditional Chippewa Firefighters with leather jeans and my new heavy Langlitz jacket (that must be worn to break in) when I took LOLITS and my spouse grocery shopping.

Kept on the leather jeans but changed to H-D Elson boots while running some errands to prepare for a winter storm forecast for Monday night. Took old gasoline to the disposal facility and got new gas for the snowblower. Comfy boots, despite being so poorly made.

Evening: scuzzy socks snuggling before heading to bed at the usual 2130.

Monday, 13 March

Meeting-after-meeting at work. I chose to wear a pair of Allen Edmonds dress boots with rubber soles, shirt & tie, dress slacks.

After work, picked up my Langlitz breeches from a leather repair shop where I had the front pockets sewn shut. I don’t know why I asked Langlitz not to install zippers on those pockets. When I wore them after receiving them, the pockets puckered open and looked awful. Langlitz wanted $150 to sew in zippers for me, claiming it was an expensive after-the-fact repair. I rejected their “offer” and just had the pockets sewn shut. (Note to readers: if they offer zippers on pockets at no charge when making custom leather breeches for you, get them!)

Got home, changed to jeans and tan Chippewa loggers and continued last-minute storm preps at home, including preparing the generator in case we needed to use it. The forecast also included strong winds with ice, which can cause power outages.

After the quick home chores, I treated those Langlitz leather breeches with leather conditioner that Langlitz provides with new gear. Langlitz said that the leather will get less stiff when conditioned, and also when worn. So I pulled on the breeches. I still cannot find a pair of boots to wear with them. The breeches are so thick that I cannot pull on any of my tall patrol boots over them without causing serious lower leg pain. So as not to delay further, I just pulled on my Chippewa Firefighter boots and got to work on preparing dinner.

Soon after dinner, we watched precipitation (rain) begin to fall. Snuggled with the hubster in these new leather breeches & sweatshirt. Called it a night at the usual 2130.

Tuesday, 14 March

Snow day! Well, really, slushy sleet day! By 5am, about 1.5 inches (3.8cm) of sleet had piled up on the drive and lawn. We really did not get any snow where I live, though areas to the north got much more. We got exactly what was in the official government forecast. Just a very wet, heavy mess. I worked from home.

While working, I wore jeans, sweatshirt, and Chippewa western work boots. I had forgotten just how comfortable these boots were. They have Vibram 430 soles, which are good on wet and slick pavement.

The precipitation stopped by about 1100. I took a break from work and changed boots to my scuzzy brown Chippewa loggers which are excellent in snow and are waterproof. Spouse and I spent about 15 minutes moving muck (aka “shoveling.”) The sleet was too dense, wet, and heavy for the snowblower to be useful. We spread out our attack on slush-movement over several hours to avoid straining ourselves and to be careful to avoid heart-attack inducing stress. We, nor the slush, were not going anywhere. (I also moved slush off the 80-year-old next-door neighbor’s drive.)

Each time I came inside from slush-moving, I took off those loggers and put on the western work boots — switching back-and-forth between “indoor boots” and “outdoor boots” throughout the day.

By 1600, the county snowplow came, so I finished the outdoor work by breaking up the plow-driven boulders blocking my drive and opening my exit to the street for the next morning’s commute to work.

Evening meeting was cancelled, and I was too tired to go out anyway. I changed to scuzzy sweats and socks, prepared dinner, then settled down with the hubster to watch TV (and nap on the spouse’s shoulder… TV puts me to sleep.)

Wednesday, 15 March

All offices open, on time! Despite a lot of ice due to an overnight re-freeze, all was “business as usual” for the day job. I wore gray flannel slacks, a gray flannel shirt, no tie (yay!) and a pair of Allen Edmonds “Sturgis” sorta work/dress boots. Great lug soles on boots that look good in the office, too. Drove to work, worked all day, drove home.

Changed to my Langlitz leather breeches to continue to break them in (man, these leather breeches are stiff!). Still can’t find boots to wear with them, but since I wasn’t going anywhere, I just putzed around in scuzzy socks while preparing dinner and working at home on some civic matters to prepare and write testimony for an upcoming public hearing.

After writing that testimony, I practiced in front of the spouse. He always offers good advice, but his closing comment was, “you might want to wear something other than those leather jeans when you’re before the County Council. As shiny as those leathers are, I couldn’t take my eyes off what was below your waist.” (LOL)

Off to bed by the usual 2130.

Thursday, 16 March

I don’t know quite why, but I decided to dress up (shirt, tie, dress slacks, dress boots) for no reason. I should have my head examined. Why dress up when you don’t have to?

Worked all day, ran errands on the way home.

After arriving home, I changed clothes and put on those Langlitz breeches again, trying to break them in. Once again, worn with Chippewa firefighter boots. I worked for several hours in the kitchen preparing meals for the hubster to have available while I will be on travel all next week. I prepared my famous chicken soup, a lasagna, meatballs, and beef stew. I also made his favorite four-gluten-free-flour waffle batter. I really strive to leave him home-cooked meals as a small sign of showing the man I love how I love him.

After our dinner at the usual 1745, I did some more community volunteer work in advance of two meetings that I will miss next week, mentoring and preparing others to speak and attend hearings in my stead while I’m away.

Finally, I was done at 1930, and snuggled with the spouse for an hour before hitting the sack. I was beat.

Friday, 17 March

Can’t believe how fast the week flew by. I dressed in a green shirt (after all, it is St. Patrick’s Day), denim jeans (for dress-down Friday), and ol’ comfy brown Dan Post cowboy boots. Will work all day as usual, then go to the family dinner (as usual again) tonight.

Tomorrow, Saturday, I take off for my work travel, leaving the house at 0430 and after 12 hours on three flights, I will be on a distant Pacific Island. Check back to find out where and more.

Life is short: wear boots every day for whatever you do!

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