You know how hard it is to wait when you save up to get something and place a special order. The anticipation sometimes can be very hard to deal with.

Last year, I placed an order for “the ultimate…” of a Leatherman Biker’s desires…

I was informed that the order had been received, but could take up to three months for production.

“Three months?” I gasped. “Your measurement form said that production time would be two months, not three!”

Reply was, “we got more orders before yours and that increased production time.”

Oh well, it takes time to make the best gear to custom sizing and design. I have waited centuries (it seems) to build up savings to get this gear. However, in the past, I have waited even longer than 3 months for some custom boots (e.g., Wesco), so I can temper my anticipation (or pace myself.)

I was not expecting to hear from the company again until the end of this month. However, I saw a charge hit my credit card from that company, so I sent and email asking if my gear were ready already, sooner than expected.

The reply was, “yes, your gear is done. I was getting ready to ship it out.”

Oh boy! New gear before a DC BLUF event… not that I may be going to that event or that I placed this order with that event in mind (not), but it’s great when timing works out unexpectedly convenient. Who knows, just mebbe I can convince the Spouse to step out if he is feeling up to it.

Life is short: tempering anticipation is even harder when you know a shipment is on the way.

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  1. The best purchase I ever made was a custom-measured Langlitz jacket – I took the opportunity while I was in Seattle to drive down and have them do it right at the shop. It’s something I should have done far sooner; it’s a thing of beauty and really comfortable to ride in. Although… it is very heavy and riding in warmer weather with it is a challenge.
    Congratulations, and enjoy.

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