Longest Day of the Year

Today is the summer solstice up here in North America — it gives us the longest amount of daylight that we will enjoy in 2011. For us at 38° 53′ North and 77° 02′ West, that means that local sunrise will be at 05:43 and sunset will be at 20:37 with 14 hours and 53 minutes of daylight.

I will enjoy a long early morning walk in twilight (and not in the dark, as usual) then riding my Harley to work after the sun has risen, and then lingering with my partner in the evening, holding hands and watching the sun set. That’s our tradition on the eve of the summer solstice.

Nothing special, really, on this longest day of the year. Just enjoying it!

It’s not a problem, either, to go to bed before it is dark outside. Usually, I’m in bed before dark during the month of June and half of July. No biggie — fortunately, light doesn’t prevent me from getting to sleep.

Life is short: love it!

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