Not Booted Yet

As I continue recovery from the motorcycle crash I had on May 31, I have been confined to home under the watchful eye of my spouse. He never lets me out of his sight, bless him.

The discomfort of the broken ribs is slowly, very slowly, changing from…

…frequent acute sharp pains that take my breath away (mostly due to muscle spasms), now to a dull, persistent ache.

I am only using over-the-counter meds like Tylenol and Excedrin for the pain. I cannot use anything stronger because either it does not work for me (Ibuprofen and Naproxen don’t work), or are narcotics — and I won’t use narcotics except under the most extreme circumstances.

I was given a prescription for a narcotic pain drug that I had to use for the first few days, but it made me feel so out of control and caused side-effects that had to be cured with other chemicals. Enough of that drug to treat a drug situation.

I also need to have my head clear so I can work during the day. My employer was very understanding and allowed me to telework so I would not lose continuity or chew up all of my leave.

My condition has improved enough such that I intend to return to my office on Monday. My spouse needs a break. Having me around all the time really disrupts his day and he needs to get his quiet routine back.

However, up ’til this point, I have only been wearing gym shorts, socks, and a t-shirt. I have a huge bump (contusion) on my left side and I am not sure if I can wear regular pants. My left ankle remains swollen because of my confinement to a resting position.

Because of the swelling and pain to move my torso, I have not even tried to pull on a pair of regular “people pants” or boots. I have just been resting to recover.

This weekend, then, will be a time of some home-grown physical therapy to work on pain management by movement, and improve the circulation so I will reduce swelling in my hip and ankle. I also will try for the first time in almost two weeks to get dressed and feel more human.

I am not quite booted yet, but while you can knock Booted Harleydude down, he will rise again.

Life is short: recovery from serious injuries takes time.

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  1. The news from you is promising, BHD. Here’s hoping you are on the mend and will be kicking around, booted of course, in no time.

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