Out Riding

Today I finally will break out those biker boots and leathers and go for a ride with a friend.  Each of us wants to get out to enjoy a short ride, each on his own Harley. I haven’t ridden much since last fall, and I need some gentle reintroduction and experience, as does my buddy.

When riding for the first “real ride” of the season to blow out the dust in the engine (so to speak) and to regain experience in motorcycle operation, I need to be by myself on my own bike, so I can practice starts, stops, and emergency maneuvers. I have a friend who would enjoy riding with me as a passenger, and I’m looking forward to having him back in the saddle with me — but not today. I need some time to regain my comfort in motorcycle operation, and the weight of a passenger and concern for his safety would make the day’s agenda (regaining my comfort-level) too complex.

I am not sure how far or how long we will be out — but just getting out has been long overdue for this biker whose cabin fever is just a few degrees shy of the cabin fever that a buddy is experiencing in Vermont. 🙂

Pardon the dust, enjoy the rumble, and feel the throttle give thrust to my bike. Finally… April… It.is.about.time!

LC, hit me up and let’s plan a ride soon! Can’t wait to see you and ride with you again as my passenger.

Life is short: RIDE!