Well Suited

Today as I complete attendance at a very high-level meeting with ranking members and leadership of a highly important working group, once again I am suited to the task. What clothing and footwear?

Knowing the incredible importance of the people with whom I would be joining in meetings this week, I went out last weekend with the spouse and picked up three new suits.

It was time… after all, the last clothing purchase of this nature was more than six months ago. My current suits were showing aging out of current fashion. Time to buy some new current-fashion duds.

Cufflinks have become more popular in the current style, as well as rep ties. I just love wearing new ties.

Suits were navy blue, dark grey, and black. Basic black always is in fashion.

I didn’t need new shirts because the spouse showed me what he picked up from the dry cleaners — I didn’t realize that I had so many well-fitting dress shirts in white, light blue, medium blue, and even cream. Wow… what choices!

Now, to the footwear. I thought long and hard about what to wear with these stylish new suits. All the men in this group are business-oriented and fashionable dressers.

DressAEblogSo as we were shopping for the suits, I spotted a high-end Allen Edmonds store and thought, “what the heck, let’s see what they have.” Man, I was amazed to read about a new line of Cornwalis dress shoes: “Based on traditional bankers’ footwear, this plain toe balmoral has the intricate brogueing, pinking, and medallion of its forebearers. But with expertly handcrafted contemporary details like the chiseled toe and beveled arches, these shoes also convey the bold sophistication of the self-made man.”

I’ve always wanted shoes with intricate brogueing.

Being a self-made man, but not knowing which color of shoe would work best with the colors of my new suits, I asked the sales associate what to get. He suggested all three — one pair for each new suit.

Okay, again, “what the heck? It’s only money.”

So I …




… woops… blog glitching…




…keep scrolling… it will be fine… soon…



Okay, that’s it. This is not possible. Not for BOOTED Harleydude!

Happy April Fools Day!

Now, go pull on your BOOTS and repeat after me: boots are for the feet, shoes are for collecting dust under the bed, and flip-flops are for the trash.

Life is short: recovery from nightmares is no April Fools joke!

5 thoughts on “Well Suited

  1. How about a good recommendation for beach boot wear for those of us in sunnier climates.

    • Okay, you keep checking back. When I go to the beach, I wear short (6″) hikers. Seriously. Never, ever, EVER, those dorky unsanitary, no-real-man-should-ever-be-caught-wearing “flip flops.”

      If you MUST compromise, then wear sneakers. But never, ever, EVER those ugly unsightly unsanitary awful FF things. EVER!

  2. April Fools Day wouldn’t be complete without an April Fools Day joke from BootedHarleydude. BHD’s change in fashion has become a tradition on AFD.

  3. Geez….hate to say I fell for that! Thank God you’re not on the “brown shoe bandwagon” everybody’s jumping on.

  4. I kept looking for your April Fools post all last friday, and I finally found it today! I still love all kinds of boots, and there are some pairs (especially ones inspired by Fynbear or Calgary Clay) that I’d never give away in a million years!

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