I had one of those all-afternoon meetings for work yesterday.  But I was actually looking forward to it, because I could ride my Harley to work… and park free… and enjoy temperatures in the low 70°s (21°C).  And what made it even sweeter is that I was told, specifically, to come “dressed casually” as the meeting was going to be an “offsite” — this is a term for meeting somewhere other than the office.  In this case, the meeting was in a restaurant.

I wore a nice pair of leather jeans with a regular shirt and my Chippewa Firefighter boots all shined up.  Put on my lightweight leather jacket, gloves, and full-face helmet and off I went… cruisin’ down the road.

It’s great to pull into the public parking lot near my office and find designated motorcycle parking that is free.  I worked darned hard to get legislation submitted and passed that provides free motorcycle parking at our county’s public parking lots, and I am still enjoying the results of that work (yeah, I’m cheap!)

And for the fashionistas who would go nuts about a man attending a professional meeting and interacting with colleagues and co-workers while dressed in a pair of leather jeans and boots — well, fa cosí sia! Not a problem! My colleagues listened to what I had to say, not gaped at what I wore. They respect me as a fellow professional. I don’t wear leather inside the office, but if we’re going to meet at a casual restaurant and I was told to dress casually, … then … so be it. BTW, one of my colleagues was in boots and jeans, too. (Though I’m the only biker of the bunch.)

Overall, if you have to have a long, work-related meeting, it makes it better if you can get there by Harley and wear your leather.  As I said, “saweeeet!”  I love my job.

Life is short:  love what you do!

P.S.: to my buddy from NH: again, I do not mean to rub it in (too much!). We often get these short teasers this time of year where us bikers get out our bikes and think that we’re ready to begin the riding season when wham! – bang! the bottom will drop out of the thermometer and ice and snow return. But when these teasers happen, I want to take advantage of it.

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