Riding to Clear the Head

I just got out for my first ride of the season when the temperatures climbed to the low 50s (F — 11C).  I spent time checking out my Harley since I have not ridden it since before I had my hernia surgery in November. The controls, lights, cables, brakes, and tires all were fine, though I double-checked the air pressure in the tires to be sure. The trickle charger that I kept on my bike all winter maintained the battery so the bike’s engine started on the first try, and rumbled to life with its throaty Harley roar.

I donned my Dehner Field Boots to break them in with a pair of lightweight CHP leather breeches (and I have to admit, I wore longjohns underneath!), and my Taylor’s Cop Jacket, gloves, and full-face helmet.

Riding alone is a good thing when you need some “me time.”  It gave me a chance to think about my aunt who recently passed away and enjoy the scenery, as stark as it was (grey, snow mounds still on the side of the road.)  But it was GREAT to get out!

Sorry, good friend and fellow biker in New Hampshire (you know who you are), I do not mean to rub it in, but when we have that occasional warmish day in winter, I’ll get out and ride when I can.  I thought of you and had you with me in spirit (if that helps!)

Life is short:  RIDE!