A Single Wish…

I will close out 2015 with a single wish for my blog readers…

Enjoy the end of 2015 safely and with joy, hopefully with someone you love and important to you.

I had hoped to write a blog recapping my 2015, but I have not had time to write that much. I’ll do it in early 2016.

On the date that this post appears, I will be driving my spouse back to our home in Maryland from his mother’s house in Pittsburgh. Then we will reunite with my twin brother and his wife who are staying in our home.

I will prepare dinner, then (hopefully) catch an hour’s nap. Then my brother, his wife, and I will head over to my best friend’s house, where I have spent the last 30+ new year’s eves. My spouse will not join us because he strongly dislikes parties.

We will return home soon after the stroke of midnight. Since I do not drink alcohol, there are no DUI issues for me, though I will always be mindful of others on the road who may not be sober.

January 1, instead of going on a motorcycle ride with my club in quite cold weather, I will have the incredibly difficult mission to drive my brother and his wife to the airport. They will begin their journey home to Italy. I will miss them a lot, but they need to get back to their own lives.

After that, I will focus exclusively on my beloved spouse. We will have a weekend of long overdue “just us” time.

Talk to you next year!

Life is short: be safe and love life!

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