Contributing To My Community and My Country

There has been much in the news about how the United States has fallen into exceptionally low regard on the international stage due to the damage from 45’s failures to act responsibly, pulling out of the Paris climate accord, bullying and nasty reputation, as well as the loons with which he has surrounded himself.

The crap going on as a result is a direct conflict and assault to my beliefs and patriotism.

I grew up to be a patriotic citizen and truly believe in the founding principles of what my country was founded on, and the words inscribed…
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Riding Skills Save

I have been riding a motorcycle for 35 years now. During that time, I have probably ridden over 100,000 miles on six machines. That may sound like a lot of riding, but an average of 2,850 miles/year really is not that much, at least compared with some of the more avid riders with whom I ride.

Also during my riding career and in my much younger, carefree single days, I was a motorcycle riding instructor. I became an instructor because I liked to teach, but also doing that would make me keep my riding skills current and at peak of performance.

Due to increased demands on my time due to travel for work, I stopped teaching motorcycle riding classes. I slowly dwindled into complacency, thinking that…
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Breaking News: BHD Declines to Buy Boots


23 June, 2017: Suburban Maryland, USA. Rumors began circulating last week that BHD, owner and operator of a website that displays more than 250 pairs of boots in his personal boot collection, was interested in acquiring another pair of boots.

These rumors were verified when BHD posted information about Embossy Boots on his website’s ‘boot wiki’ boot reviews.

There was nothing odd about those rumors, but what turned out to be exceptionally strange when verified through direct interview was…
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Motorcycle Shoes: Bad News

I went on a motorcycle ride early yesterday morning before the weather got real hot as forecast to be. Actually, riding at 0600 (just after dawn) with three early-bird biker buddies is fun and gets the ride in before the intense heat and humidity of the day sets in and makes riding an air-cooled heat producer — a Harley Big Twin engine — miserable.

One of my buddies showed up at our staging area wearing what he called “motorcycle shoes.” Knowing how I balk about wearing sneakers on a bike, he showed them to me and said…
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That Guy In The Boots

Last night, I attended yet another wonky civic meeting at the request of some neighbors who were struggling with powerful attorneys representing a major developer. This happens all the time, and is a classic David-vs-Goliath situation. As I was listening to those giving testimony, I was struck by…
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Humorous Messages from Pakistan

Having a website that displays my cowboy/motorcycle/work/dress boots and motorcycle gear collections in the United States written in American English has amusing consequences.

There are a number of people from Sialkot, Pakistan, who use search engines, find my website, and send messages to me frequently. I delete all of those messages, but find some of them quite amusing. Here is a case in point:
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Firefighters & Pride

Some people who do not really know me may have been confused by yesterday’s post on this blog which may seem to indicate that I don’t care about Gay Pride or choose to recognize the struggles that led to the rights earned by gay people and ongoing challenges facing us.

While marching, parading, and celebrating is all well and good — albeit the weather very hot and humid — Spouse and I choose to do our own special form of recognition.

Yesterday while people were on Washington’s Front Lawn (the Mall) participating in the Equality March for Unity and Pride in exceptionally hot weather, Spouse and I went another direction…
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