I Am Now The Only One

When my friend WC announced that he crossed over to the dark side and got a sillyphone recently, I began asking myself again, “are you still the only person on the planet without one of those things?”

I observed people at airports, at my meetings, and in restaurants last week and am convinced that…
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Riding Freedom (and a Cop’s Support)

I awoke Saturday, January 20, to horrible news that befell my country at midnight Friday due to people who are supposed to represent us failing to do their jobs. I will not turn this post political, but let’s say the DIC and his cronies are being dicks and my country suffers further at the cost of $138 million/day. Also, January 20 is the one-year anniversary of the disaster whose terror has proven true rang in my memory, too.

On top of that, The Spouse has not been well and caregiving takes its toll.

Thankfully, we were blessed with…
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Cleaning Lug Soles

I have a number of pairs of boots with Vibram 100 “big lug” soles. They provide great traction and are like snow tires for the feet (provide you are over 40 years old and know what snow tires are). I have these soles on Wesco boots, my loggers and work boots, and a number of my motorcycle boots.

But with lug-soled boots, one has the problem of mud, dirt, and road salts getting caked into the lugs. My buddy WC asked me recently, “how do you recommend removing the gunk that cakes up in lug soles?”

Simple answer…
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My Caregiving Earworm

An “earworm” is a song that repeats in your head over and over. Lately, my earworm is related to what I am doing for… and caring for… my Spouse.

A country singer, Billy Dean, wrote and sang a song in 1993 titled, “I Want To Take Care of You.” His album cover — “Its What I Do” — speaks perfectly to me and what I am doing as a caregiver.

I listened to “I Want To Take Care of You” the other day as I was driving home (on a self-recorded CD in my truck) and sang these words from my heart, thinking of my spouse:
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