Favorite USA-made Boots

On this USA Independence Day, I am posting photos of some of my favorite boots made in the USA. Read on…

Photos below show my favorite USA-made boots. I selected them as favorites for their style and comfort.

Chippewa Firefighters
Tony Lama Signature Caiman
Chippewa standard harness boots
Chippewa Loggers
All American patrol boots
Lucchese Classics blue/white/black wingtip cowboy boots
Tall, beat-up Chippewa engineer boots
Lucchese Classic Eastern Diamondback rattlesnake cowboy boots
Dehner dress instep patrol boots
Chippewa high-shine engineer boots
I have more boots in my cowboy boots, motorcycle boots, and work boots collections also made in the USA. But for comfort as well as style, the boots shown above are my current favorites.

One thought on “Favorite USA-made Boots

  1. Thanks for this ‘Fourth of July’ rundown. OK, OK, ‘Independence Day’ rundown (some habits die hard).

    You do have quite the attractive collection, BHD. I had to re-read your criteria stated at the outset because I saw your Lucchese boots in the line-up and I thought they wouldn’t make very good biking boots. Your stated requirements for making this list didn’t include how well they would perform while upshifting/downshifting bike gears. But upon further reflection, even if utility in motorcycling wasn’t one of your prime considerations, those Lucchese boots of yours would most definitely turn anyone’s heads if worn by someone on a Harley or other motorcycle. They’re really nice looking footwear.

    Again, thanks for sharing. I hope you and all of your readers enjoyed a very nice ‘Independence Day’.

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