Directing a Build

Whenever I have been involved in a major home remodeling project, the pros and volunteers with whom I work always call it a “build” even though, technically, we are not building a house, but renovating it.

Today I…

…am serving as a General Contractor, or leader, of a fairly extensive “build” for a 84-years-young lady who needs some major work done for her bathroom, kitchen, and general accessibility issues for her house.

Last night, three big, tall, strong dudes met me at the local building supplies retailer, and loaded up two of their pickup trucks and my truck with lots of building supplies. We parked the open vehicles at a secure location for the night.

This morning, 10 volunteer pro tradesmen and I will begin our work. Throughout the day, other volunteers with eager-to-help attitudes, but not necessarily trades skills, will join us. There will be a lot of work to do for everyone.

I don’t have time now to write more. Check back Sunday evening to see if I survived. (With my strappingly strong friends, there are no worries that I will re-injure myself. I know how to delegate!)

Life is short: care for your community, one senior at a time.