Booted Leg Pain?

Blackjackpython09Yesterday afternoon when I got home from work, my spouse asked me to take him to the grocery store. He had developed quite a long list of things that we needed and forgot to get during our regular grocery trip on Saturday.

I quickly changed clothes to jeans, t-shirt, and my blue/cream Black Jack python cowboy boots. Off we went. Then while at the store, my left leg began to hurt really badly. What was going on?

Honestly, I don’t know. As is typical of grocery shopping with my spouse, he always — always — causes me to have to run all over the store. Yesterday, it was to find out if a certain brand of hot dogs was or was not in stock, and to get a rain check if not. Long story, but that simple quest required at least 2,000 steps on my pedometer (about one full mile.)

I kid you not. It is a large store.

By the time I completed that task, I found my spouse on the far end of the store. He sent me back to put something back on the shelf that he decided he did not want. All the way on the opposite side of the store.

2,000 steps later…

I rejoined the spouse at the register to check out. However, my left leg was screaming in agony. I know that I have been “walking funny” since I hurt my back, but I thought that I was adjusting. Apparently not. At least not with those boots!

As soon as I got home, I tore the boots off and padded around in my stocking feet for a while. The leg pain went away.

After dinner, I went for my third physical therapy session with Nurse Ratched, the Drill Sergeant who commands me through my P.T. routine. She’s good, but man, she is an all-business task-master. By the time my hour of P.T. is up, I’m wiped!

I asked Nurse Ratched if she knew why I was experiencing severe leg pain. She said, “well, you are using muscles in your leg differently since you hurt your back.” Okay, I get that. But then she went on and said, “and you shouldn’t wear boots. They aren’t good for you and your back pain. Wear sneakers from now on, or low-heeled dress shoes to work.”

Well, Nurse Ratched, that ain’t gonna happen. No way. She forgets that I ride a motorcycle. No sneakers or dress shoes when I ride! And I have a reputation to protect — absolutely no wimpy dress shoes! Arrghhhh — what an awful thought! Nightmare provoking!

She is not aware of the full range of options that I have with as large a boot collection as I have. For now, I will wear lower-heeled boots that hopefully will ease the problem with “unknown pains of an aging biker.”

Life is short: accommodate, but still wear boots!

2 thoughts on “Booted Leg Pain?

  1. I have the opposite problem. If I wear sn#@k#$# or dr$## sh#@@, then my feet hurt after awhile. So I wear boots. No pain.

    • Same here, although when I had plantar faciitis all everyone did was blame my western boots when, in fact, they were the most comfortable footwear I had for that condition. It is funny how professionals can differ. I had one PT who told me the boots were terrible for my feet and back, while another actually recommended western boots – with their stiff soles and slight heels- – to alleviate leg and back pain.

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