The “Back” Story

I put up a temporary post the other day to say that I was not going to be able to write blog posts for a while due to an injury that I sustained. Here’s the back story about what happened.

And it really is a “back” story.

Here I am on a bright and warm Saturday morning, escorting lovely little old ladies to the grocery store. We had completed our shopping and were returning to my truck in the parking lot. I was walking with my dear friend Pat, a petite octogenarian.

As Pat and I were walked on the sidewalk toward the parking lot, she clipped the heel of her shoe on the curb and began to tumble. She was on my left. Naturally, I reached out and grabbed her, twisting my body sideways and lifting to prevent her from falling hard. Essentially, I broke her fall. She was okay.

My back hurt when I did that, but I thought, “this will shake off after a while.”

Little did I know that the twinge of pain I felt then would only get worse. By the time I got home from shopping, I was in a lot of pain. I decided to cancel further plans for the day (which included an alumni reunion with my college fraternity) and just rest. My spouse, bless him, tried to help. He massaged me and helped me to undress. Yep, the pain was so severe, I couldn’t undress myself at the end of the day.

Sunday morning, I was not any better. I rested more, used ice, heat, and a lot of Excedrin (at max, but not overdoing it.) Fortunately, I thought, by Sunday evening, I was feeling better. I could move with just a little pain, but nothing extraordinary.

I went to work on Monday as usual. However, I drove the cage instead of the Harley. I made it through the day, then when I got home, I drove my spouse to see his doctor for a regular check-up.

While I was there, I asked the doc to look at my back. It was not hurting at the time. He told me to continue using a heating pad and rest.

After the doctor’s appointment, we had to go to the pharmacy to get some new meds for the spouse. I didn’t think anything of doing such a routine activity. But I was not lifting my feet, and I almost tripped. That “almost trip” sent shock waves up and down my body. I screamed in agony.

Thus was all Monday night. I literally was screaming in pain. Spouse was beside himself not knowing what to do.

Tuesday morning, my loving big sister picked me up and took me to a center to have an MRI that my doctor prescribed. The MRI confirmed my worst fears: I tore a ligament in my lower back and while I was at it, I damaged some muscle tissue.

I spent most of Tuesday in bed.

Wednesday morning, I had the courage to try to go to work. At least for a half-day. I hope to goodness I can get through it.

Worst part of all of this situation is the immediate change of NO activity. No caring for my spouse, standing and cooking, and NO riding my Harley! Arrrggghh! But there is NO comfortable position that I can get into without some form of pain shooting through my body.

I told my spouse last night, “seriously, it’s time to trade me in for a younger model.” His reply, “remember — for better or worse, in sickness and in health… ya know?”

He’s right, and I love him. Even if I am screaming in pain, I love him.

Life is short: remember as you age, you can’t do what you used to be able to do and not pay the consequences.

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  1. That sounds terrible, sorry to hear – hope you are up and at it as soon as possible

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