Change of Activity

This blog is going on hold for a while due an acute medically-caused change of activity…

I have such severe pain in my lower back, I can barely walk. It’s particularly tough because my spouse can’t walk, either, due to his ongoing issues with damage caused by his previous long-term illness, so he cannot help me very much. Bless him, he is trying, though.

As for me, what began as a minor strain of muscles in my lower back has become acutely painful. Until I see my doc and have something done, I can’t do anything. No riding my Harley, no work around the house, no taking seniors grocery shopping.

Return sometime in the future for an update. Sorry, but this medical situation I am having is serious.

Life is short: focus on being well.

One thought on “Change of Activity

  1. BHD, best wishes on a full recovery from this injury. I had something similar with one of my arms. I found it to be very painful and took a long, long, long time to heal. But heal it did and I’m almost fully back to full strength. I hope your recuperation does not take as long.

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