This time of year in the area of the world where I live, Spring has sprung and prime “ride-the-Harley-to-work” season has returned! After a really slow start, the weather is now much more cooperative for me to enjoy my motorcycle passion while commuting to my professional passion.

This time of year, however, also means that it is cool at oh-dark-30 in the morning when I depart my home to ride to the office. That means that it’s chaps weather. So noted…

ChappedLeather chaps provide enough warmth to ward off the wind chill from riding, and also protects my work clothing (slacks) from getting dirty from random road spray and other crap that tends to blow by and soils clothing. You should see the crap on my chaps after riding in dry weather for only one week.

No worries, though … these rugged, thick leather chaps can take it. Each day when I get home, I wipe down the chaps with “Armor All” or Lexol leather wipes. Quickly removes the dirt and grime and restores the finish of the leather, ensuring that these chaps will last a long time.

I also wear a bright jacket, gloves, and of course, good quality motorcycle boots and a helmet. I am grateful that I have a TourPak (like a large storage box) mounted on the rear of my Harley. I can store my helmet, gloves, jacket, and chaps in it, lock it up, and not have to carry these bulky things into my office.

When I leave for the day, the weather has warmed. I usually wear my high-vis, flow-through jacket for safety’s sake on my ride home. I admit, however, I seldom wear my chaps again due to the heat. And it doesn’t matter if my pants get dirty on the way home, because the spouse will wash them anyway.

Some of you may know my fondness of wearing leather breeches or jeans. Yes, I wear those leather garments often, but not when I ride to work. I do not have a place to change clothes, which I would have to do. I can’t wear leather jeans around the office.

Life is short: enjoy “chaps weather!”