Off the Grid

I do not like to do this, but I have to take a break from blogging while I am on the road again.

What exotic destination am I traveling to next? I’ve already been to Hawaii, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico this year. What’s next?

PittPersonal time. As you read this message, I am in “da ‘burgh,” my spouse’s hometown and where his mother lives. It’s about a five-hour drive from our home. We had to move up our Spring visit from the end of May to the beginning of May because she broke the new DVD player that we got for her just a few months ago, and I have to figure out a more permanent fix. Also, there are a number of repairs that are required for ongoing maintenance of her house.

My spouse went with me, albeit very hard for him to endure due to significant pain. He will do his best to help, but since he cannot walk much, most of the physical work, as well as the cooking, will be something I will have to do.

While I do not like driving a cage that far, my spouse cannot drive due to his health condition, so I have the fun of driving the turnpike.

How do I feel about this?

Ya know, I could bitch and moan about the long drive, the amount of work to do, having to deal with my M-I-L, and be off the grid (my M-I-L does not have internet and I refuse to pay for a data plan, so I won’t have access to email or the ‘net)…


I approach this time cheerfully. I have the honor of helping two people I care about — my spouse and his mother. What’s more important? Family or fun? I choose family. If taking this trip and doing these things for my MIL makes my spouse and his mother happy, and keeps my MIL safe in her own home, then that’s what it’s all about.

I’ll be back to blogging some time next week.

Life is short: show those you love how you love them.