White’s Nomad Boots: Feel Hard As Stone

Foxchapsbrown11The other day, I pulled on some new brown leather chaps, and selected a pair of brown White’s Nomad engineer boots to wear with them, then went for a ride on my Harley to run some errands.

Man, soon after pulling on the boots, my feet…

…were in agony. At first, I thought it would take a few minutes and my feet would adjust. But after wearing the boots for a while, I realized — darn it — these boots feel as hard as stone.


There are two reasons:

1. White’s Boots are exceptionally well-made. However, the soles of those boots do not flex. At.all. Non-flexing soles put a lot of pressure on the foot as one walks or stands.

2. My feet are not getting any younger. Human feet loose natural padding as they age. Cartilage hardens.

Nomadbrown13These boots run large, so there is plenty of room for thick socks and gel insoles which I wore and used for these boots. However, my feet were still quite sore after wearing the boots for just a couple hours.

I am very disappointed. I paid a significant sum for these well-made but very uncomfortable boots. Because these boots make my feet hurt so badly, I am less inclined to choose to wear them over other choices of boots in my motorcycle boots collection. That’s really too bad.

In summary, these boots are great for younger feet, but I cannot recommend them for bikers age 50 or older. Also, the boots run large. Seriously large. Boots that are labeled 9.5D really fit a 10.5D foot. If you are considering buying these boots, plan to order a full size smaller in the length. The width is fine.

Life is short: Don’t take it for granite — choose comfortable boots.