Week’s Travel: Day 2 Well Done

Day 2 of my “where in the world is BHD?” took me on a long walk at dawn — five miles, according to my pedometer. This was my view:CtrAfter returning to my hotel where I showered and changed, I was picked up by a colleague who took me to a meeting place where a number of local professionals joined…

…municipal government officials. They gave me a tour by bus of their community of which they are very proud. Rightfully so — they have have done great work.

And I’m very happy! ALL of the some 40 men with whom I met wore boots! Generally speaking, there are fewer flip-flops to be seen — mostly on the mainland gringo tourists, not the locals. (The locals generally wear sneakers. Oh well, not that much different from what bootless men wear back home.)

I presented to them, also, and in two languages. But I spent most of the day listening, learning, and admiring hard work realized over many years of time, training, and investments.

I had a really good and informative day.

After a day of learning at 18.4061° N, 65.9672° W, I was driven by colleagues three hours away to 18.2011° N, 67.1397° W where my work continues on Wednesday.

Life is short: love your job!