Booted Weekend Warrior

Man, I had a really busy weekend! The busy weekend involved five pairs of boots.

So what did I do and what boots did I wear?

All day Saturday: Double H “gel ice” cowboy/work boots. Very comfy boots for a long, long day of work on Saturday. I served as the primary organizer (general contractor) for a bath remodeling job for a wounded warrior and his family. I had help from 28 skilled trades helpers and volunteers. Bathredo02112015In one full day, we ripped out his old narrow bath, blew out a wall, and built a fully accommodating walk-in no-step shower, ADA-compliant toilet, and lowered double vanity twin sinks. I did fundraising again and organizing for this project for months before this “big day” of executing the remodel.

I came home Saturday evening quite sore and tired. My spouse, bless him, had a hot bath waiting for me, then helped me into bed where I fell sound asleep almost instantly.

(not so) Bright ‘n early Sunday morning: Chippewa hikers to wear at 0530 when I met my senior walking pal for a short walk. I was still quite sore, so we didn’t go very far (just a couple miles.)

I was home by 0630, showered, and changed boots to

bare feet… (LOL). I prepared foods for my spouse to eat during the upcoming week. Stew, lasagna, and gluten-free waffle mix. See below why I’m cooking for the week ahead. By 0830 with most of the cooking done, I fed the spouse, then pulled on my

Boulet brown square-toe cowboy boots. I wore them while I escorted seven lovely senior pals in two trips — along with my spouse — for grocery shopping. Upon return home, I prepared a quick lunch, then tied on my

Timberland Work Boots. I mowed the lawn, then fired up our tiller and “tilled in” compost to feed the lawn while the tilling aerated it. That was a lot of back-breaking work, but fortunately, our lawn is rather small so this work only took a couple hours.

At 1430, I heard a familiar noise out front — the rumble off a Harley’s engine. My spouse gave me a sly smile. Turns out that he emailed my cop buddy JB and suggested that he come over to take me out for a motorcycle ride. What a thoughtful gesture!

I quickly changed to breeches and

lug-soled dress instep Dehner boots. JB said, “I understand you are being released for good behavior!” Ha ha, man. We rode together for about an hour on a stunning, sunshiny, warm day. Couldn’t have been better!Ride04122015blogI arrived home by 1600, then pulled off the breeches and boots. I returned to the kitchen wearing…

socks. Just socks. My feet were tired and my body was sore, but I had more cooking to do for the spouse.

I whipped up a batch of my uncle’s famous chicken soup. My spouse and I ate chicken and a serving of the soup for dinner. Now he will also have this nutritious soup to eat for his lunches during the week while…

Alas, I’m going “OCONUS” again for work. I will post when I can something like “where is BHD today?” on this blog when I can. I will be in five different cities and towns over the next week. Man — I thought the weekend was busy — the upcoming week will be even busier!

Life is short: lead it fulfillingly, and always booted!