New Business Venture

It happens… after many years of working in the same profession, I have accomplished pretty much all I can. After all, having been selected as “employee of the year” for 2014 from among 7,000 people, what else is left? You know when you have reached the point of no return… same old same old gets rather boring. It is time for a bold move.

Since my spouse has retired, we are not bound to remain in the same location any more.

So last week while I was in Hawaii, I explored alternate business prospects that I can do to close out the remainder of my work life before I retire. Wouldn’t be so bad to do that… move to Hawaii, enjoy the consistently warmer weather, no snow, and sunshine. My spouse looks so good in a Speedo…

But I digress. Effective today, I am now the proud owner of a new footwear franchise in a major mall…

Flipflopshop2What do you think?

Man, think of all the money to be made from the phenomenal number of people who wear these things and own dozens of them! Men…women…children… and especially the metrosexual men who need to show off their newly manicured feet.

I’ll be rich! Pay US$0.10 each to import soles and $0.05 for the footbands — all from high-quality factories in China — and sell these things for $5 per pair to locals, $12.95 to typical unsuspecting tourists or 2 pair for $20, and voi-la! There you have it! The business model projects first-year net revenue after expenses of at least US$250,000. A recipe for riches!

Flipflopshop1My spouse and I have put our house on the market. I have put my boot collection — the entire thing — up on eBay. By June, we will be basking in the riches of sunshine at my new store and our new home!
April-fools-emoticonsJust imagining the thought… made me sick. That is why I have been off work the past two days. Sorry … “April Fools!”

Life is short: remember, flip-flops are for the trash. Period. (And NO, my boot collection or the house I built are not for sale!)

3 thoughts on “New Business Venture

  1. Nice touch, BHD! I’ve personally been looking forward to seeing what kind of April Fools antics you’d be up to for months, but a sandals store? I didn’t expect this at all! That’s like me trying to sell some of my favorite boots for astronomically low prices like that’s ever going to happen in this lifetime!


  2. This may have been your best April Fools Day joke BHD. Once you mentioned about moving to Hawaii and had that picture of the Flip-Flop shop, I knew that it was an April Fools Day joke. I’m surprised that you didn’t mention that you were going to sell your motorcycle too.

    • Oh no way I’d sell my Harley when changing careers to own a flip-flop shop. I would just join the thousands of other brain-dead idiots in Hawaii who ride motorcycles with no helmet and wearing flip-flops!

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