Life Is Short: Get Out and Love It!

I admit, I’ve been a bit of a droopy downer lately, missing my husband, complaining about allergies to vog, and having trouble with adjustments to jet lag.

Yesterday morning, I had to give myself a stern talking to and a kick in my own ass. I stood myself up, looked at myself in the mirror, and said, “you fool… don’t you know…

…what a privilege it is to have your work pay for a trip to Hawaii? How few other people have that opportunity? So what if the spouse can’t be with you this time? Why sit in your hotel room and do work on the computer that you can do anywhere, any time. Yeah, the work is important, but there is a limit to how much work anyone should or could do in a day. Get out there… smile… stand up straight… and love life!”

Ya know, I’m right! I give advice like that all the time on this blog, and it was about darn time that I take it myself.

So after requisite meetings were completed early — by the way, the meetings went exceptionally well and capped off a highly productive week — my friend/colleague dropped me at a place where I rented a Harley. And I took my own advice! Get out and love life!

Photos below are of me on the rental bike around Oahu. Don’t ask me where; I couldn’t tell you. Great thing about riding a motorcycle on an island is that you can’t really get terribly lost (without getting terribly wet!)

I stopped several times along the way to enjoy the scenery. I even called my spouse and said, “how happy is your husband? Listen:” … then I revved the Harley’s engine. My spouse truly was happy for me. I could imagine his smile thousands of miles away.

So here are some random photos that I had random tourists take of me on my sunshine-filled, happy ride.BlogH01BlogH02BlogH03Life indeed is short: get out and love it!

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  1. BHD, Congratulations! Looks as if you had a really good time and got to enjoy some fine scenery and Hawaiian sunshine. And what’s more, not a flip-flop in sight! Life is good (sometimes).

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