On the Edge of Riding

rp_Johnride04.jpgMother Nature is a damn tease, she is!

Last Thursday when I got home from work, I rolled the Harley out and spent an hour checking it out. I had not ridden my beloved motorcycle for almost two months because it has been so darn cold and wet.

However, that day it had warmed enough that I could ride, at least to a meeting of my riding club at my local motorcycle dealership being held that evening.

After a careful T-CLOCS inspection, …

…the only thing I noticed that was wrong was that my tire pressure was low. That was expected considering that the bike had been in a cold garage for so long.

The tire pressure was not low enough that I could not ride it, so I rode out to the dealership and asked their service guy to correct the tire pressure. Unfortunately, my old body can’t do that myself any more. It’s just too darn hard for me to lie on the floor, take the saddle bag off to get access, etc. (Or am I just getting lazy in my old age?)

I rode the Harley to work on Friday, despite it being on the edge of my low-temperature threshold. I made it, but it took me an hour to warm up after I arrived at the office.

It rained all day Saturday, and I was too busy to ride on Sunday.

Monday was also frigid. But Tuesday was looking promising in the temperature department…

Tuesday was forecast to reach the mid-60s (20C), and I had a meeting all the way in Outer Slobbovia (i.e., Virginia), so I thought that riding my Harley would be a great way to get there.

I pulled on a pair of Chippewa Harness boots with jeans — meeting was casual-dress — and then checked the forecast. I did not like what I was seeing. I checked the forecast on television and then via computer. All forecasts were consistent… and made this biker wary and sad.

Mother Nature was threatening mid-day rain, and it was damn cold in the morning, below my riding threshold. So I wussed out and drove my cage (truck) to the meeting.

Turns out that it did not rain, but it became really windy. I do not like riding on days with strong cross-winds, especially on crowded interstates during “rush to crawl hours.”

This biker is on edge… the weather is being difficult…

Today, it was zero (C) when I was leaving for work. Nope, too cold for this old fart. Dayum…

Life is short: Come on, Spring! Let’s boot up and ride!

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