How You Know Your Other Half Isn’t a Biker

Here are some signs to confirm that your other half is not a biker:

  • It’s sunny and warm, and the other half presents a list of honey-do projects around the house, with demands to have them all completed by day’s end.
  • You say that you have to go see your aunt to check in on her… same sunny day… you go change into motorcycle boots and jeans. The other half looks at you and says, “you’re taking your bike? Really?” … no, I’m walking. Of course I’m taking my bike!
  • You have been getting pledges of support for a charity motorcycle ride. The big day comes. You get up early and put on your full biker regalia (jeans, club colors vest, biker boots) and the other half says, “we have to go grocery shopping, then to the home center to get stuff for the backyard project, then … ” (the list goes on.) Ummm… I have prepared you for a month now that I am leading a ride of hundreds of bikers today. It’s on the calendar. I’m outta here. (other half mumbles, “but we have all these things we “have” to do!) Uggghhhh
  • Time for the family dinner rolls around on Friday night. The other half seldom goes with me, and isn’t going tonight. I change into biker gear and begin moving the Harley out of the garage. The other half says, “where are you going?” … to the family dinner. “On your bike?” … no, I’m walking. Of course I am going on my bike. Why not?
  • Rumbling of a Harley is heard out on the driveway. A buddy has come by for a planned ride to the riding range for group practice. Other half asks, “where are you going?” … to the range… it’s on the calendar… it’s planned. “Why? You know how to ride.” … yep, but practice makes perfect.
  • An elderly friend calls and asks for some help moving some furniture in her apartment. I head to the garage, getting the Harley out. The other half asks, “are you going to her place on your bike? Why?” … why not? I don’t have to carry tools or equipment. Why not ride the bike to get there?
  • and the last way you can tell your other half isn’t a biker is a classic when he asks, “can’t you wear those boots you have on your feet for your ride?” … as he looks at a pair of dress cowboy boots worn with dress clothes for work. … nope, smooth-soled boots don’t work for motorcycle riding. That’s why I have so many pairs of motorcycle boots. The right boot for the right job…

There are times when I really wish my partner rode his own bike, but even when he could ride with me as a passenger, he was better at remembering what bikers do. He has forgotten that a biker will “think bike” any time he can ride it, even if not for a motorcycle-related event.

Don’t get me wrong: I love my partner. He’s not a biker, but makes up for it in many other ways.

Life is short: ride whenever you can!